Two electric motors, carbon, the definitive electric scooter

It is called Ycom S1-X eSkootr and it is a high performance electric scooter focused on competition, specifically for a championship with micromobility vehicles that will start in 2022 in Italy. It will consist of 30 races in closed and specific circuits with special characteristics such as a winding route of 400 to 800 meters long. All at an affordable cost that guarantees access to the competition for all types of riders.

High performance electric scooter

At the moment, 10 units of this high-performance electric scooter have already been created. The first prototype was born in 2020 and since then the evolution has been constant until creating what Ycom assures is the most advanced high-performance electric scooter designed for competition in the world.

electric scooter competition


Its performance is top-notch thanks to the fact that it equips two latest-generation 6 kW compact electric motors, which in total suppose to have about 16 HP, powered by a 1.5 kWh battery supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering, the well-known company of UK Formula 1 engine engineering.

The S1-X includes a carbon fiber chassis protected by a bodywork that guarantees good aerodynamics. Also front and rear suspension with adjustable CNC machined aluminum shock absorbers. Thanks to these types of materials, the weight is only 35 kilos.

Test of evidence

The engine includes a torque delivery system that, according to those responsible, improves stability at high speed since it distributes the power delivery between both axles according to certain parameters. The vehicle is capable of reaching 100 km / h, a benchmark for an electric scooter and which is a challenge for pilots.

In fact, in initial tests carried out with 16 riders, the S1-X was limited to 40% of its power initially and 70% at the end of the tests. Even with these conditions, many riders were fatigued due to the physical effort involved in aggressively riding with an electric scooter of these characteristics. Inclination degrees of up to 55% are achieved.

From Ycom they point out that with better physical conditioning and additional tests it is expected that the pilots can use 100% of the power, as well as the overboost function that allows an extra 20%.

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