Twitter to lay off half of its Twitter workers

By Rob Wile and Ben Collins NBCnews

Twitter is preparing to announce this Friday the dismissal of almost half of its employees, just days after businessman Elon Musk took control of it, the company confirmed in an email obtained by NBC News, the sister network of News. Telemundo.

The social network explained to the staff that at 9 a.m. Pacific time, 12 noon on the East Coast, it will send a message to each worker explaining what their situation is as of now: if they are still on staff or they are fired.

Elon Musk at the Tesla design studio in Hawthorne, California on March 14, 2019.

“We recognize that this will affect a number of individuals who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but unfortunately this action is necessary to ensure the success of the company in the future”, he explains in the email.

layoffs without notice

The layoffs follow widespread reports that Musk had plans to cut the company’s payroll — Twitter has about 7,500 employees — after finalizing the $44 billion purchase late last week.

Immediately after closing the deal, the billionaire fired Twitter’s chief executive, Parag Agrawal, as well as the company’s chief financial officer and its head of legal affairs, public policy, trust and safety.

Part of the dismissed leadership filed a lawsuit against Musk this Friday before the Northern District Court of California, located in San Francisco, for violating and violating in advance the Federal Law of Adjustment and Requalification of Workers.

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The plaintiffs are Emmanuel Cornet, Justine De Caires, Grae Kindel, Alexis Camacho, and Jessica Pan, who, on behalf of all company employees, allege that Musk is carrying out the layoffs without 60 days notice, as established the legislation.

“Total Chaos”

A Twitter employee said Thursday’s email is the first communication staff have received from the company since the purchase was completed on Oct. 27.

“It’s total chaos, the company is boiling, everyone is watching this email,” the worker told NBC News.

According to Twitter, staff members will receive a notice from the company to their company email. —if they still have a job— or to their personal email if their “employment was affected.”

“When this nightmare is over, at least they pay

a Twitter employee told NBC News

The social network assured that the reduction in personnel is necessary “to direct Twitter towards a healthy path.”

Concerns about the layoffs began to surface before the purchase was completed, but company management urged employees not to spread rumors before Musk took over.

Some Twitter employees have expressed a desire to be fired and receive a severance package, while others worry that questioning Musk could mean losing both their job and exit benefits.

“When this nightmare is over, at least they pay,” a Twitter employee told NBC News.

Meanwhile, Musk has tried to reassure advertisers, saying in a post that the platform would not become “uncontrolled hell.” He also assured the European Union that he will comply with its Digital Services Law, which imposes sanctions on companies that do not control their illegal content, according to the Reuters news agency.

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Musk has also promised to loosen rules on what kind of language is allowed on the platform, prompting concerns that this could scare off users and advertisers. General Motors announced that it would temporarily suspend its advertising on the platform.

Musk has also said he plans to form a content moderation council that includes “very diverse viewpoints,” though no changes have been made so far.

The latest reports suggest that hate speech has proliferated in the first days since Musk has been in charge. The businessman himself shared an unsubstantiated anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theory on Sunday about the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He later deleted the tweet.

That was just one of nearly two dozen tweets he posted over the past weekend, though few of his messages offered any clues about how the platform will operate under his leadership.

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