Twitter: Mastodon doubles the number of users after buying Elon Musk

Twitter is undergoing changes after the completion of its acquisition by Elon Musk. Now that the tycoon behind Tesla Motors Y SpaceX is CEO and owner of the platform, his staunchest opponents have begun to look for a new place to publish content or their opinions and it seems that the chosen one is one of the rivals of the blue bird’s social network: Mastodon.

It seems that the detractors of Musk they chose this platform escaping from the new measures that the master of the blue bird is proposing for the social network, the most recent being the establishment of a monthly subscription of US$8 to verify an account. Given that there are many ideological factors involved and alternatives similar to Twitter are closely linked to conservative environments, Mastodon it is one of the few options left for this group of people.

Mastodon goes through the highest user peak in its entire history

To begin with, it should be noted that Mastodon it is a “network of networks” since it is made up of multiple instances of the same much broader decentralized platform known as “Fediverso”. Due to this, users are not only identified with a name (@user) but also with the label of the instance in which they operate (@user + @instance).

Although it is a much more complex network than Twitter, Mastodon claims to have experienced an increase of 70,000 new users just the day the acquisition of its rival company became effective for Elon Musk. To date, the platform already has almost 200 thousand new users, according to what it indicates Eugene Rothkofounder and main developer of this network.

Practically, the number of active users of all the servers in the set of Mastodon it has doubled in a week, since now it already registers almost 609 thousand.

Will Mastodon continue to grow in the coming days?

Although the report of Rothko evidence the good time you are going through Mastodon Due to the changes that its most important competitor is going through, it is quite likely that the growth rate of the platform will not be maintained based on similar past experiences. It is not the first time that a group of users has gone to other networks as Quitter, Plurk or the one already mentioned because of the discontent you feel for the way it is being handled Twitter.

When this happens, people who decide to “leave” often create an account on a new platform, put a sudden overload on their servers, and after an initial moment of excitement, gradually stop using it until they are no longer active on that network. . It is evident that the number of users it manages Twitter Compared to that of his rivals, it is his strongest card and he has already shown it on numerous occasions.

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