Twitter and offices made dormitories: this is how improvised rooms for ‘hardcore’ employees look like

Elon Musk has converted a large number of offices of Twitter in dormitories for ‘hardcore’ workers who attend to their requests for changes in the social network.

That drew the attention of the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, which told insiders who was investigating the reports. Elon Musk criticized that action. But what are these places really like?

This is what Twitter bedrooms look like

The decision to make some employees sleep in the office comes after a worker tweeted a photo of his boss in a sleeping bag and mask on the floor of the office in Twitter early last month, shortly after Elon Musk would take over.

In one of the images obtained by BBC you can see a conference room that now looks like “a hotel room”. The information was corroborated by a former employee.

In another image you can also see the installation of a closet inside the bedrooms.

Some devices such as washing machines for employees have also been added.

And even the sofas have been converted into personal beds.

In other offices, these sofa beds have been adapted close to the desks.

He’s sleeping over too

According to reports, he himself Elon Musk is staying to sleep in the offices of Twitter.

Since taking over the company’s board, Musk has imposed a new work mentality at Twitter and he did not hesitate to fire more than half of the employees who were part of the staff before his purchase. The tycoon also issued an ultimatum to the workers who remained in the company, mentioning that if they decided to stay, “many hours of high intensity” awaited them to create Twitter 2.0.

As measures to realize his vision of the social network, Musk reduced telecommuting, ensuring that face-to-face work was much more effective and urged employees to sleep in the company’s offices as a commitment to reduce the immense workload that occurred since the acquisition of the company.

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