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On Twitter, a crude manipulation of its algorithm is underway to give the impression that there is a high number of users located in #Cuba with positions against our government, the member of the Party’s Political Bureau and Minister of Foreign Relations denounced this November 13. from Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla.

“There is evidence that yesterday, only 15% of the messages published on Twitter, between 12:00 and 13:00, were actually issued by users on #Cuba, which made use of the label used in the operation financed by the United States. UU. “, Added on the same platform.

«As I denounced in a presentation to the diplomatic corps, private US platforms such as Twitter transgress [ sus] own rules and policies, alter geolocation mechanisms to favor toxic operations vs. #Cuba and instigate destabilization actions, “concluded the Chancellor.


Global actions in social networks and in person are reported around the world in defense of the Cuban Revolution, its people and government, and in response to media actions and unconventional war financed by the US government.

The Cubaminrex websites, the Prensa Latina agency, the Always with Cuba publication, among others, echo the different initiatives, mainly those issued by organizations and political parties.

The Belarusian Internationalist Veterans Association and the International Social Fund Section “GK Zhúkov” issued a statement condemning the attempts to destabilize the situation on the Caribbean island. They reiterated their unwavering support in the just fight for the immediate repeal of the criminal commercial, economic and financial blockade of the Island created by the United States. Previously, the Parliament of Bielarrus did.

The Latin American Solidarity Coordinator in Belgium demanded an end to interference in the internal affairs of Cuba and the lifting of the blockade in a message where it repudiated the destabilizing maneuvers called by a small group of people on the island for November 15.

The president of the German Communist Party (DKP), Patrik Köbele, expressed his solidarity with the Cuban Revolution in the face of counterrevolutionary mobilizations sponsored by the White House, through a video message, in which he explained the modus operandi to generate a coup of state.

From Eurasia, students from the International University of Astana in Kazakhstan followed the topic of the conference given by Emilio Pevida Pupo with great interest and expressed their rejection of the US aggressions and their support for the Caribbean island.

The Peruvian Chapter of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity released a document in which it denounces that Joe Biden, fosters a reprehensible aggression by undercover agents inside and outside the Greater Antilles, in the midst of the pandemic that relentlessly still whips everyone. Then he calls on the intellectuals of good will to resist together with Cuba.

The Coordinator for Peace, Sovereignty, Integration and Non-Interference agreed on this. The Human Rights Movement (CPAZ) of Ecuador in a letter sent to the Cuban ambassador Basilio Gutierrez, where they express their rejection of the US propaganda machine to create an environment of social destabilization.

In addition, they condemn that these actions respond to the unconventional war strategy, trying to undermine the institutionality of a sovereign State.

A document with similar reasons was signed by former Costa Rican deputies, members of the Frente Amplio Jorge Arguedas Party, who stated: «Today, the Cuban people, guided by their government, once again set an example of coherence and strength, facing the pandemic in the midst of the most cruel economic blockade to which a country has been subjected, 60 continuous years closing market options to the Cuban people, 60 years blocking the entry of medicines Wang Wenbintos, 60 years blocking access to technological advances, 60 years trying to subdue a people that he decided to be master of his destiny ».

The Chinese Foreign Ministry, through its spokesperson, supported the Cuban Revolution in its development path according to its own conditions, which will allow it to raise the welfare of the people.

“China opposes the US custom of imposing sanctions and interfering in purely internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of freedom, human rights and democracy,” the official said.

While in the United States, several organizations called for a rally in support of Cuba for next Monday, November 15, in front of the Cuban embassy in Washington, DC, with the aim of calling for an end to sanctions and hostility from the government. against the largest of the Antilles. Among the organizers of the event are the pacifist group Codepink, the Black Workers Center Chorus and Friends of the Congo.

The main labels used in the revolutionary and solidarity counteroffensive are #Cubavive; #Cuba; #NoMasBloqueo; and the #LaRazonEsNuestroEscudo.

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