Twilight returns to the cinema: all the details you should know about this saga

In 2008 it was screened in theaters ‘Twilight’, the film that narrates the life of a young man that upon arrival at your new home in a town she meets a boy who is different from others. This is how she discovers that it is a vampire, This leads them to have a unusual romance and full of drama.

The tape became a success among adolescents of that time, which allowed the history of ‘Bella and Edward’ will continue for more years. These characters were on the cover of different youth magazines, besides, at that time many were sold collectible items from them.

These productions became a freak, even in social networks a fan discussion, since some who were inside the vampire Team, but still, a large number of followers were in favor of Jacob, the werewolf. Next, we will share the details of these deliveries.

Facts you may not have known about Twilight

This saga is based on the works of the novelist Stephenie Mayer, who is originally from Arizona, United States. She grew up in a mormon family, married one of his childhood friends and had three sons: Cabe, Seth and Eli. She wanted to have a daughter and thought to put her Beautiful, but since it was not possible, he used that name for the protagonist of his book.

The deliveries of ‘Twilight’ are carried out by Kristen Stewart Y Robert Pattinson, but this could have been different, since it was reported that for the role of ‘Beautiful’ actress Lily Collins, known for her participation in ‘The unforeseen of love’, ‘Mirror mirror’ or ‘Ted Bundy: sleeping with the murderer’.

For its part, it was indicated that for the character of the vampire they auditioned about 5 thousand young people, The author of the books even mentioned that she wanted henry cavill in that place, but at the time of filming the actor famous for giving life to ‘Superman’ he was 25 years old and did not look like a high school student.

Once they selected Pattinson, he himself revealed that he did not know the works of Mayer, but was interested in participating. Also, he said that he left the United Kingdom to move to Oregon, in order to have a better performance in the project. Still, he learned different combat Tactics, to play baseball and drive, and the American accent.

The protagonist Kristen Stewart turned 18 during filming and members of the production They gave away a cake and they made him a celebration between scenes. After the first installment, in 2009 it was released ‘New Moon’, one year later ‘Eclipse’, in 2011 ‘Sunrise Part 1‘ and in 2012 ‘Dawn Part 2’, ending this story.

The Twilight Saga will be screened in the cinema

All tapes this saga romantic and paranormal will be projected again in the cinemas in Mexico, It was indicated that people interested in attend You can already buy the tickets so that you can have a safe place.

These films will be screened from November 17 to 23, in different rooms of ‘Cinepolis’. This was announced by the company through its social networks where they shared a message for the fans.

“Admit it, you were too. ‘Team Edward’ either ‘Team Jacob’. The ‘Twilight’ saga returns to my rooms”, wrote those in charge of the venue. To know the availability and acquire the places it is necessary to enter the Official site of the company.

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