Twelve years later, volleyball players reached the quarterfinals of the Euro, beating Ukraine

Czech volleyball players, who lost the previous round of the European Championship, came out better in a duel with Ukraine. Thanks to the team’s defense, a confident flow and the mistakes of the Ukrainians, they took the lead with a score of 18:11 in the set. Then they had a weak pass, and Ukraine equalized the score 22:22, but the last few times again turned the tide in their favor and took the lead.

So in the second set they performed better, after a few points from Elena Havelkova they jumped to 21:16. The outcome of this set was influenced a little later by a dubious challenge, when even the team saw a light Ukrainian block on the video, but the judges decided that Gabriela Orvoova’s stream was directed at the car.

On the way back, the Czechs got an ace on the puck, Valkov hit the net and the Ukrainians won with a score of 21:22. However, Svenkin Yannis Atanasopoulos did not miss the set and won again – 25:22. They did well in the first two sets and I don’t think the Ukrainians were in the game,” Mleynkov told Czech television.

Ukrainian volleyball players, not in a bad condition, laid down their weapons, lost their weapons in the stream and seized the initiative. even the games were not so interesting, they lost the first set 20:25, and in the fourth set they even suffered a rout 10:25. in Czech darkness, like a water duel with zerbden, the game completely fell apart, nothing worked, it had only eighty percent fluidity.

At 6:14 a.m., coach Athanasopoulos began sending the dressing rooms on board. We began to lose our heads, doubted. We decided to let the starting lineup shut down so they could reset before the fifth set.” He looked into his media bag.

Ukrainians joined the set. Havelkov and Orvoov took advantage of weak moments and took the lead 3:1. Then Captain Mleynkov entered the room and began to read. She repelled all her tricks and suddenly pulled ahead with a score of 10:5. I thought: I never want to lose again when I lead 2-0. I told myself that I want to win at any cost,” Mleynkov said. In 2013 and 2017, she was there when Czech volleyball players lost a 2-0 lead at the European Championships in their eight-final clashes with France and Belarus.

The rest did not exert themselves so much, but scored the necessary points and almost managed to return to the end. The furniture was transformed thanks to the Havelkov flow. I’m very happy, and I think all of us, that we rejected a very excited Ukraine that played well in volleyball in the third and fourth sets. I would like to say that she took care of us. We had a lot of problems with their defense, they were manageable, and more importantly, we were able to close them like this in the fifth set and win the fifth set, she appreciated.

Ukrainian volleyball player Diana Melyukinova (left) laughs at an Eskimo double block.

Only someone was looking for words after saving personal trainer Atanasopoulos. I don’t know, it was one of the biggest hype since we’ve been drinking here. I am very pleased mainly with how the rescue ended. According to him, this is a very valuable relationship in conditions of very close competition.

Now his girlfriend is immediately on the favorites from Serbia. The hardest thing will be not to be afraid of the stars that are there. There are experienced players who play in the best leagues in the world. I would burn our darkness and our young hero to ashes, and no one would be afraid and fight the way he fought today,” said Havelkov, who at fifty-five years old is by far the most experienced hero of the darkness. Salvation will be interesting. The Serbs are the favorites, we have nothing to lose, it suits them,” Mleynkov added.

Women’s European Volleyball Championship.

Eight finals in Brussels

Czech Republic – Ukraine 3:2 (22, 22, -20, -10, 12)
Lopez Pinto (Portugal), Cesare (Italy). How: 138 min. Savages: 361.

Composition and points scored: Havelkov 19, Pavlov 3, Orvoov 20, Mleynkov 21, Kulisiani 5, Valkov 3, Libera Digrinov/Dostlov – Khodanov 3, Brynkusk 2, Peliknov, Edlikov 1, Bukovsk. Dr. Athanasopoulos.

The highest point in Ukraine: Kraidubaov 26, Milenkov 17, Dorsmanov 10.

Serbia – VDSco 3:0 (17, 13, 16)

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