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A call of few seconds was enough to end the barbarism of three continuous decades:

– Welcome to the hotline.

– I just escaped from my house because I live with a family of 13 siblings and our parents abuse us (…) two of my brothers are in chains.

– Where are they tied up?

– To the bed(…)

– What are your parents going to do when they find out that you ran away?

– They are going to literally want to kill me.

On the most distressed side of the line was Jordan turpin, a young woman, 17, who, due to an obvious state of malnutrition, looked 10.

His complaint, on January 14, 2018, represented the cry that he and his 12 siblings had kept to themselves out of fear for 29 years.

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And all as a result of parents who believed that locking up their children, preventing them from bathing, binding them with chains, denying them food and abandoning them was ‘the best for them’.

Despite not knowing the address of his home because he had never “been out on the street”, the “we’re going there” from the Perris Police, a small city in California, in the United States, meant the end for the 13 brothers. of a tragedy and the beginning of a ‘new life’.

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When home is synonymous with torture

'I have never been out on the streets': the story of horror and torture of 13 children

From what some media have recorded, all the brothers carry an initial ‘J’ in their name.


Facebook: David-Louise Turpin

David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin fled their families and married in 1985 when they were just in their twenties.

Then, because “God asked them to do it,” they decided to have 13 children within three decades.

What was not at all benign was the treatment they decided to give their offspring.

The Turpins were found to prevent their children from going to school, having friends, visiting a doctor, bathing more than once a year, and practically ‘living’.

At the time of the visit of the police to his home, a house that was legally registered as a school, they found that the lurid story of Jordan, one of the minors affected, was true.

Much more true than thought.

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The home was awash with the stench. Three of the children were tied to their beds with chains. They all looked malnourished and their parents had no further explanation.

From what authorities discovered, the Turpins had a certain fascination with going to Disney and celebrating their marriage anniversaries.

Those were the only exits of the thirteen brothers.

There was no doubt: the family home was hell for its youngest inhabitants.

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Life imprisonment and the challenge of overcoming trauma

'I have never been out on the street': the story of horror and torture of 13 children

The couple was captured the same day that one of their daughters gave the notice to the authorities.


Riverside County Sheriff’s department

After the police intervention, the brothers were rushed to a medical center to be treated.

Apparently, the only one who was moderately healthy was the youngest of all: a baby of only 2 years.

The parents were arrested that same day and charged with more than a dozen charges related to torture and child abuse.

In June 2018, for the crimes of ‘torture’, ‘child abuse’ and ‘illegitimate deprivation of liberty’, they were sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 25 years in intramural prison.

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'I have never been out on the streets': the story of horror and torture of 13 children

After the harassments were made public, several North American media closely followed the development of the case.

“There are cases that torment you. Some are human depravity, and that is what we are seeing here, ”said the prosecutor in the case.

“My education and discipline at home had good intentions. I never intended to harm my children. I love my children and I believe my children love me,” David Turpin commented through his attorney at trial.

“I cannot describe in words what we experienced growing up there”concluded one of the 13 outraged brothers.

The challenge of ‘starting from scratch’

After three years of quiet and discretion, in the next few days the American network ‘ABC’ will broadcast an interview that they did a few weeks ago with two of the affected daughters.

The statements in the promotional video are heartbreaking: “We were close to dying many times,” “My parents took over my whole life, but now I’m taking it back.”

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'I have never been out on the street': the story of horror and torture of 13 children

Two of the sisters told details of the story on ‘ABC’. Their testimonies will be public on November 19.


Screenshot Good Morning America, ‘ABC’.

The controversial case raised a wave of outrage at the time. Despite their parents’ condemnation, some of those affected wanted to ‘forgive’ them; others have sought to turn the page and restart their lives without the chains that bound them of course love.

The truth is that the wound, so deep due to the damage and time, it seems that it will not close so easily.

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