Try the new Bowie M2, the wireless Earbuds from Baseus

Earbuds is the name given to wireless in-ear headphones, but they are truly wireless because they don’t even need to have a cable joining them both, as is the case with many sports headphones. In addition, this new Baseus Bowie M2 model has a lots of improvements that, really, will leave you with your mouth open.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) per flag

Noise cancellation is essential in headphones of this type, and especially if we are talking about a mid-high or high range. For this reason, making an audio peripheral stand out from the competition requires constant updates, and that is something that Baseus has taken into account in these new M2 Bowie Earbuds.

The Bowie M2’s hybrid Active Noise Canceling (ANC) mode isolates ambient noise up to 42 decibelsoffering a more immersive audio experience as you can focus on what you’re listening to no matter where you are and how much noise is around you.

Person using Baseus Bowie M2 headphones

In addition, thanks to the Baseus smartphone application you can completely customize the behavior of the headphones, since it has 3 default audio modes with up to 10 customizable options in each one, thus being able to configure the headphones to meet your needs and preferences in a simple way.

Calls will be clearer and smoother

Baseus Bowie M2 incorporate nothing less than 4 microphoneswhich together with its algorithm powered by Artificial Intelligence to improve noise cancellation (yes, it also has noise cancellation in the microphones) guarantee that you will be heard clearly during phone calls.

Bowie M2 design.

Transparency mode, improved design to isolate you from outside noise, and active noise cancellation (including a pop filter to avoid wind or breath noise), as well as its low latency of two channels with a delay of only 0.038s make the quality of phone calls simply second to none.

30 hours of autonomy and fast charge in 10 minutes

If we add the batteries integrated in each of the headphones with the one that has its charging case (which allows the Earbuds to be charged while they are stored), in total we add a autonomy up to 30 hours with a single charge, guaranteeing that you will not be left stranded at any time, wherever you are.

Baseus M2 Bowie Headphones

Additionally, the case supports Baseus’ self-developed fast charging technology, delivering a charge level from zero to 80% in just 10 minutes (using the included USB-C charging cable), so even though If you run out of battery at some point, you will soon be ready to use them again.

The most stable connection with instant pairing

Without a fast and stable wireless connection, all of the above would be useless or even ruin the audio experience. The Baseus Bowie M2 equips the latest wireless connection technology Bluetooth V5.2guaranteeing users a stable connection, low latency and high bandwidth to also guarantee excellent audio quality.

In addition, these Earbuds have Hall Switch technology that allows you to turn on both headphones just by opening the lid of the case and turn them off when you close it (when they are both inside, of course, the headphones will not turn off when you close the lid if you are using them) .

What does the Bowie M2 contain

If you want to get one of these new Baseus Bowie M2 headphones, you can already do so because they are available on AliExpress, where they also have a 20% discount.

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