Trump’s GOP rival to annex part of Ukraine to Russia

Trump's GOP rival to annex part of Ukraine to Russia

A Ukrainian colonel who fell at the front in the Donetsk region is buried in St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kyiv – Photo: Sergei Chuzavkov/AFP


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The U.S. alleges that Russia attempted to harass and intimidate U.S. consular officials after Russian state media reported that a former U.S. consular official Moscow believed was gathering information about the war in Ukraine for Washington, reports The Guardian.

The FSB accused Russian citizen Robert Shonov of providing the US embassy in Moscow with information about how the draft campaign in Russia affects political discontent on the eve of the Russian presidential election in 2024.

Shonov previously worked at the US Consulate General in Vladivostok in eastern Russia for more than 25 years until Russia ordered the closure of the US mission headquarters there. As for the Shonov case, the FSB said it plans to interrogate US embassy officials in this case.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that according to the American position, the accusations against Shonov are “completely unfounded.” Miller said they knew the FSB had already called in two diplomats. According to the United States, the actions against Shonov only “underline the increasingly repressive actions of the Russian government against its own citizens.”

“We strongly oppose attempts by the Russian intelligence services and Russian state media to intimidate and harass our employees.”

Vivek Ramaswamy, the US Republican presidential candidate, spoke out on foreign policy in an op-ed written for The American Conservative, in which the Republican-popular candidate promises to recognize Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and boycott Kiev’s path to NATO.

According to the Republican nominee, just as Nixon established diplomatic relations with China to avoid a Chinese rapprochement with the Soviet Union (although, by the way, that’s how he got involved in the Vietnam War), Ramaswamy also wants to “respect and revive” Nixon’s legacy. Because, according to him, the greatest danger to America is the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing.

“As President of the United States (…) I will reject the bloodthirsty chatter that preaches an unwinnable war in Ukraine that will bring our two superpower enemies even closer.”

writes Ramaswami. According to the candidate, if he becomes president, then in 2025 he will go to Moscow, where he will “ensure peace” in a way that is beneficial to America. To do this, “I accept Russian control over the occupied territories and promise to block Ukraine’s entry into NATO. In return, Russia will withdraw from its military alliance with China.

Vivek Ramaswami, 38, a former businessman, is the youngest Republican candidate. Its popularity is now around 5-6%. In the last and so far only Republican debate, in Trump’s absence, Vivek Ramaswamy, 38, took on the role of tying up other contenders and spreading conspiracy theories, and he was the one who defended the ex-president. the most aggressive.

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Russian air defense shot down drones over Tula and Belgorod, saying they were Ukrainian drones: they did not specify whether they were victims of the attack and whether any damage was done, writes The Guardian based on a report by the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday. According to the report, two drones were intercepted by Russian air defense over Tula and one near Belgorod.

Since last week, the appearance of Russian drones over Moscow and other regions of Russia has become almost regular. Moscow airports have had to close several times – but in a recent interview, Zelensky said that Ukraine had no reason to take the war beyond Russian borders, since then it would lose the support of the West.

  • Lithuania closes two more common border crossings with Belarus;
  • According to Bloomberg, Turkish President Erdogan will visit Moscow next week to discuss the grain pact with Putin;
  • Putin does not yet know whether he will go to Prigozhin’s funeral, but he certainly will not go to India for the G20;
  • The body of a high-ranking Ukrainian intelligence officer was found in his office, shot in the head;
  • According to the Spiegel investigation, everything in the Nord Stream explosion evidence points to Kyiv;
  • If the West helps, Ukraine could hold elections next year, Zelenskiy said;
  • “Never give up this legacy, you are the heirs of the great Mother Russia, go ahead,” Pope Francis told young Russians, to which the Ukrainian Foreign Minister replied that the head of the church communicates in Russian. propaganda consciously or subconsciously;
  • A Swedish citizen who has been collecting information for Russian intelligence for ten years has been charged;
  • Three Moscow airports were also temporarily suspended due to a drone attack on the city;
  • Russian air defense officials claim that American and Ukrainian drones entered Crimean airspace on Monday.

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