Triumphalism in the closing of the campaign of Paliza and Carolina, two days before the internal elections of the PRM

Santo Domingo, DR.

The plates headed by José Ignacio Paliza and Carolina Mejía, who aspire to repeat their respective positions as president and general secretary of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), respectively, held a “massive” campaign closing ceremony at the Carlos Teo Boxing Coliseum Cruz, where they secured victory in the internal elections to be held next Sunday.

Phrases like “certain president from Sunday”, “certain general secretary”; was part of what the director of communications for the PRM Elizabeth Mateo, who served as moderator of the event, when presenting the members of both plates.

beating, no competition

José Ignacio Paliza’s board is also made up of the Director of Government Ethics of the Executive Branch, Milagros Ortiz Bosch, as first vice president; Eddy Olivares, second vice president and the president of the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), Nelson Arroyo.

“Four years ago today, more than 25,000 elected us to take charge of the party and take on the challenge of bringing our party to power when many did not know us, but there wasn’t a field, there wasn’t a neighborhood, a corner, a remote little field that we haven’t visited and in just four years, together we made this game the main game in the Dominican Republic,” exclaimed Paliza when taking the floor in the act.

The only other plate registered to dispute with the current Administrative Minister of the Presidency; it is the one that is made up of the Perremeist leaders Ramón Antonio Liriano, who heads it as a candidate for president; José Batista, first vice president; Roberto Dolice Pierre, second vice president and Guillermo Antonio Peña, third vice president.

Both Guido Gómez Mazara and Eddy Olivares himself, who based their speech on the discontent of the bases, were outlined as possible presidential candidates of the ruling party but after it was decided that the electoral tournament would be held through a “convention of delegates”, his aspirations were never materialized.

Gómez Mazara tried to dismiss that decision on several occasions before the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and, being unsuccessful, announced that he will not leave the PRM but that he will try to achieve the presidential candidacy in the primaries of October 2023; while Olivares ended up as one of the companions of Beating in the list.

Carolina, sole candidate

The party headed by the mayor of the National District is the only one that will compete for the post of PRM general secretary.

Mejía is accompanied in the ballot the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu), Kelvin Cruz, as first secretary; Lía Santana, as second secretary and the director of Portuaria Dominicana, Jean Luis Rodríguez, as third secretary.

“You distinguished and honored us so that, together with Comrade Paliza, we led, together with our executive direction and the leadership of this party, the path to power in 2020 and we did not disappoint you and now that we are in our country, the process of consolidating the power, we will be serving them in all corners of the national geography,” said Mejía in his turn at the microphone.


Present at the event were the General Director of Customs, Eduardo Sans Lovaton; and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco; giving a sign of support for both candidates; in addition to former President Hipólito Mejía.

Before your official registration as candidates, the 18 senators of the PRM expressed their “support” to their permanence through communication.

The elections

The elections are scheduled to be held next Sunday at the Gloribel Arias Volleyball Pavilion starting at nine in the morning, where some 1,256 delegates will be able to choose through an “automated system” and in the presence of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) those eight counts.

The PRM will report the preliminary results once voting is closed at four in the afternoon.

These authorities will be chosen for a period of four years and it will be the second choice of PRM authorities, since the first directors were appointed by mutual agreement between Hipólito Mejía and Luis Abinader, who were Andrés Bautista as president and Jesús Vázquez Martínez as secretary.

Reelectionism says present

Despite his absence at the event and the fact that recently in an interview he stated that he still does not know if he will seek a reappointment, the posters and slogans in support of a second consecutive term of President Luis Abinader, were not lacking among those present.

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