Tremendous stick! Canó’s brother’s first home run as a professional

Son of a cat hunts mouse, at least that’s the saying when father and son do a similar activity. In this case, he touched the Robinson Cano’s brother that began to give very distant hits in the MLB’s first level of formative baseball for Latin Americans.

Gregori Canoyounger brother of the Dominican Major League Baseball legend, hit his first four-corner hit in the Dominican Summer League. Which is the first stop for players who have just signed for a baseball franchise The majors.

Canó sent a ball to the left side of the field in what unleashed the jubilation of his coaches and teammates when visualizing that the “minor” has the necessary wood to be able to continue growing and pursue the dream of being a new major league for the Dominican Republic.

the baseball player born in San Pedro de Macorís in 2004 He has a .245 batting average, 15 RBIs and just one four-hit..

It should be noted that in baseball Dominican Summer League it’s not common watch many games due to the immense universe of baseball players that must be trained within the games.

Generally, the statistics go into the background and are a mere reference for the comprehensive growth of the player.

The home run!

The route you have Robinson Cano about his brother in Major League Baseball is that this started his sports career when Gregori was only one year old.

The former player of the New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners, New York Mets, San Diego Padres, and Atlanta Braves he is considered one of the best Quisqueyan waiters of all the times despite his scandals with the issue of prohibited substances that took him out of action in the 2001 season.

Gregori Canó joined the Canadian organization last September 20 after signing with those from the north of the continent and in which he seeks keep growing as a baseball player.

According to the journalist Aime RivasCanó conquered a rubric of some 350,000 US dollars and aims to be one of the strongest third baseman of the organization in about 4-6 years.

Until now Gregori Cano he has played shortstop, first base and hot corner.

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