Traffic in US stores fell 28% this Black Friday

Retail store traffic is down 28.3% during the Black Friday compared to levels in 2019, before the pandemic, according to preliminary figures from Sensormatic Solutions.

The report, which analyzes one of the days with the highest consumption of the year, reveals that physical stores have not yet fully recovered of the effects of the coronavirus, although it does indicate that, compared to the 2020 figures, the presence of buyers this year has increased by 47.5%.

Although store traffic this year has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, analysts do expect it to be the busiest day of the year.

Specifically, the stores received the most buyers in the southern region of the US, while the least attendance was registered in the northeast of the country.

On the other hand, data from Adobe Analytics indicate that the level of online consumption on Black Friday also decreased since last year, since a total of 8.9 billion dollars were spent, below the 9,000 that were spent on the same day 2020, a record figure.

Adobe, which analyzes more than a billion visits to online stores in the US, pointed out that this is the first time that online consumption has decreased compared to the previous year.

On Thanksgiving Day, before Black Friday, American consumers spent $ 5.1 billion online, so there have been no major changes compared to previous years, numbers that analysts say show that each time Christmas shopping is starting earlier, already in October.

“Shoppers are being strategic in their gift shopping, buying much earlier and being flexible with when to make sure they get the best prices,” explained Adobe Digital Insights chief analyst Vivek Pandya.

Adobe foresees that this Cyber ​​Monday will be the day of the highest online spending of the year, with purchases valued between 10,200 and 11,300 million dollars.

The company also pointed out that, with the problems in the US supply chain, several will be the products that are no longer in stock, and pointed out that, until this Friday, the messages of “out of stock” of the Retail websites are up 124% compared to pre-pandemic figures.

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