Toyota suspends production at 14 plants in Japan

Japanese auto giant Toyota announced today that it is suspending operations at all 14 assembly plants in Japan due to a production system failure. This led to a halt in domestic production of the world’s best-selling automaker.

An unnamed company representative said that due to the failure, Toyota cannot order parts, the reason for this is being investigated, and there is no possibility of a cyber attack at the moment. It is not yet clear how much the Japanese manufacturer will lose from this failure, but it is predicted that production can be resumed from Wednesday.

Toyota’s domestic production has begun to recover from disruptions caused by semiconductor shortages, posting a 29% increase between January and June for the first time in two years. Toyota plants in Japan account for about a third of global production, according to Reuters. It is stated that in the first half of the year, production will be about 13,500 vehicles per day.

Today’s event affected not only the assembly plants of Toyota. Toyota Industries, one of the group’s subsidiaries, was forced to partially suspend the work of two engine plants due to instability caused by the automaker.

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