Toxic Crow defends himself from viral video accusing him of alleged mistreatment of a person

Toxic Crow turns 40 this Saturday, but his celebration has been embittered by a video and complaints from social media users that he allegedly gave a young man “a fight” while he was tied up. He has had to go out to defend himself and explain from whom the victim is treated.

“This individual dismantled 9 cars in one of my buildings and has had more than 40 robberies throughout the Corales del Sur sector. The neighborhood council can no longer take this. He submitted to the police for more than 30 robberies of mirrors and pieces of cars and perpetrating in multiple homes by force, but it is already in the hands of the National Police. Note: this unscrupulous person is not of Haitian nationality as the yellow presses have meant, “explained the interpreter.

Before he had pointed out in his post that “when you go to report. Speak the truth and do not want to change the news by gaining views and as always misinform and want to defend the indefensible. Our country has become a cradle of thieves of all kinds and and society is afraid to go out into the streets for fear of these unscrupulous “.

The video has become virual and celebrity media have published that Luis Enrique Caonabo Mesa, better known as Toxic Crow, is supposedly seen giving a Haitian strap-on. The urban exponent does not talk about whether the person seen in the video whipping the alleged criminal is him.

Toxic Crow, a native of Los Minas in the Dominican capital, is one of the oldest urban Dominican veterans since in 1998 he started in an underground hip hop group called “Ministerio Profético”.

The urban group was made up of 5 MC’s named Enrique Mesa AKA Toxic Crow, Antony Gutierrez AKA G-Magnun, Angel Osiris AKA Packer Lutherking, Eliezer AKA Baticano and Eriberto AKA Qiw, who met in high school studying at the Favio A. Mota High School. .

In addition to interpreting, Toxic Crow has been involved in construction, with its Crow developments.

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