Tourists in Croatia parked on the beach and went swimming. It was a fatal mistake

Reason sometimes remains above the behavior of tourists. Residents of the Croatian resort town of Sibenik were convinced of this, where dozens of tourists parked their cars right on the shore. When they returned, they could not help but be surprised that not only they themselves, but also their cars were washed.

The laziness of tourists is clearly increasing. Those who do not have a hotel or apartments right by the sea get to it. Many people park on the beach, while others will probably prefer to leave the car right in the water. According to the Croatian newspaper Jutarnji, this has now “come true” for dozens of drivers.

Photos posted on a Facebook page about traffic violations in the popular Adriatic holiday country made everyone but the owners of the captured cars laugh. “Our guests park at low tide and then marvel at the tide‘ stands next to the pictures.

However, according to local residents, this happens every year. They think inland people don’t seem to understand how the tides work.

Long queues form on the way to Croatia. Drivers will have to wait a few hours (7/2023):

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