Top 5 FAVORITE teams to sign the Puerto Rican in Free Agency – Full Swing

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

At this time, no team is “probable” to sign Correa. However, there has been the greatest amount of rumors around the Cubs, which is why they rank first,” said the aforementioned CBS Sports report.

With Nico Hoener as the shortstop starter, he could move to second base if Correa joined the team, considering that the Cubs are one of the franchises that have made it clear that it is in their interest to open their portfolio to get the services of one of the best shortstops in Free Agency: Xander Bogaerts, Trea Turne, Dansby Swanson or Correa himself.

“The only mark against this is that the Cubs under Jed Hoyer have made no secret that they would like to avoid deals that are too long. I mean, they would rather do something like six or maybe seven years instead of 10. If Correa can land a 10-year deal like Corey Seager did last offseason, it probably won’t be with the Cubs.” from CBS Sports.

“However, looking at this list, I’m not really thinking of a team that would give Correa 10 years, especially after he was unable to receive such an offer when he was a year younger and coming off a better season,” he added.

And it is no less true that Correa agreed to agree for three years and more than 100 million dollars with the Twins because it was the best offer he found at that time, but it was clear that he wanted a contract that guaranteed him at least 9 or 10 years. in the best baseball in the world

By the way, in the aforementioned source, they report the Twins as the second team that could keep the services of the Puerto Rican shortstop and they would only have to make him a great offer that he cannot reject.

“We know that Correa agrees to sign with Minnesota because he did so last offseason. He had a breakout season there in 2022 and the Twins are said to desperately want him back. They are reportedly willing to get creative and do whatever it takes to retain their services and although it is a small market, they do have wealthy owners.”

«At the beginning of the season, Correa said that he would be willing to spend the rest of his career with the Twins. Now is his chance, but they will have to make a big offer because the competition from some moneyed organizations should be fierce ».

The rest of the Top 5 favorite teams to keep Correa’s services, according to CBS Sports, are:

3- Baltimore Orioles: “They are ready to ascend to the status of constant contenders. They could spend a veritable fortune in free agency, as Baseball-Reference currently projects their 2023 payroll at a measly $33.8 million.”

4- San Francisco Giants: “They would have to deal with getting Brandon Crawford out of shortstop, but that would prove to be less of a hurdle if they get a chance to sign a player of Correa’s caliber. There is money to spend and the Giants seem motivated to have a great offseason.”

5- Philadelphia Phillies: “Fresh off a trip to the World Series with money to burn and a possible hole at shortstop (Jean Segura is a free agent and Bryson Stott can play second base). They go down the list a bit simply because they’ve been rumored a lot more often with Trea Turner and Xander Bogaerts.”

We just have to wait to find out what the immediate destiny of Carlos Correa will be in the Major Leagues

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