Top 10 Pop Culture Moments of 2022

As 2022 (finally) comes to a close, we take a moment to look back on the most surprising, romantic, and utterly chaotic celebrity moments of the year, from the Oscars slapstick heard around the world, to couples ( and now ex-partners) that we couldn’t stop talking about.

So who stays in the top 10? Read on for our count of the Top 10 Pop Culture Moments of 2022:

The drama of Don’t Worry Darling

It was such a juicy and complex moment that it warranted a daily blog. This year, the second feature film by the director Olivia Wilde, Don’t Worry Darlingentered the canon of movies whose off-screen drama (à la Mr. & Mrs. Smith, for example) became a plot twist in itself.

First, there was Wilde’s affair with the young actor Harry Styleswho was reportedly not on the best of terms with the movie’s star, Florence Pugh. The latter skipped a press conference with the cast at the Venice Film Festival in September, only to head up to the Lido in a purple Valentino dress, Aperol Spritz in hand. But all of that was overshadowed when Twitter basically accused Styles of spitting on his co-star. chris pine (it was later confirmed that he did no such thing) at the premiere in Venice. Before that, it’s worth remembering that Wilde received custody documents from his ex, jason sudeikiswhile introducing the film onstage at Comic-Con in May.

To further complicate matters during Wilde’s promotional tour, Shia LaBeouf, who was replaced by Styles in the feature, disputed Wilde’s claim that she fired him, instead claiming he quit because they could never come to terms with each other. Agreement on rehearsal times. LaBeouf sent video evidence to Variety de Wilde trying to negotiate and suggesting that her departure could be a “wake-up call” for “Miss Flo.”

For one last scream of scandal (please stop now!): Wilde and Sudeikis’ ex-nanny spilled the beans to The Daily Mail, referencing a ‘special salad dressing’ Wilde made for Styles. The mysterious recipe took over the Internet, but the drama Don’t Worry it came to an anticlimactic end (finally) when Wilde revealed that it was a simple mustard vinaigrette.

The slap at the Oscars

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