Tony Scott’s best movie is coming to Disney+

There are many films that do not get the critical support or the public success that they deserve when they are released in theaters. Surely we can all think of several titles that fit within that and today it’s time to make a stop at one of them, because at last there has been the landing on Disney + of ‘The fire of revenge’, the best film directed by tony scott for whom this writes.

Why is it essential?

I imagine that the first reaction to that comment from some will be to say that it is not, that the best one is this one. And I can understand it, because until not so long ago I myself opted for ‘red tide’, while another mythical title like ‘The Last Boy Scout’ is not far behind. However, a more recent review of ‘The Fire of Vengeance’ has dispelled any doubts you might have.

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For now, ‘The fire of revenge’ it is pure Scott in terms of staging and editing. I can’t think of any other director who would have been capable of giving the film that visual energy, but he also does so with more top-quality ingredients to shape a thriller that is as vibrant as it is exciting.

The most important is to have Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanningbecause the chemistry that arises between the two is essential -I’m looking forward to seeing them together again in ‘The Equalizer 3’- for both the dramatic vigor of ‘The fire of revenge’ and for the particular revenge that he undertakes later to have a raison d’être that keeps us glued to the seat. And it has the perfect ending.

In addition to the basic material, a book written by AJ Quinnell which had already enjoyed a previous adaptation to the big screen in the 80s, also has enough hook to shine with Scott’s much given visual flair. To that you add more talent in the rest of the cast and what you are left with is a hypnotic film that also knows how to reach the viewer’s heart.

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Unfortunately, the critics were merciless with it at the time of its release and although it cannot be said that it was a failure either, it was it was a disappointment at the box office.

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