“Tom Cruise wanted to land a helicopter in Trafalgar Square”: The whim for ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’ that blocked London – Movie news

This movie went through innumerable difficulties and no one gave a penny for it, but it was a success.

run out of script six weeks before the start of a hundreds of million dollar shoot can be scary. Start filming without being very clear about the endscares even more. Having to find a way landing three helicopters in the middle of London It’s quite a challenge and that’s exactly what happened to the team at at the edge of tomorrow, Tom Cruise’s science fiction film that was a complete success to the surprise of those involved. They went through all kinds of difficulties and, without really knowing how, they managed to get the film off the ground.

at the edge of tomorrow It is the best example that not everything that starts badly ends badly and no matter how many problems may arise, the important thing is to know how to solve them. Although along the way you may have a heart attack.

Warner Bros. picked up the rights in April 2010, after screenwriter Dante Harper spent eight months writing the script, even though it wasn’t under the umbrella of any studio and risked not getting a dollar for it. His script served to open the doors for them, but it was practically discarded in its entirety. After several rewrites, and six months before shooting began, director Doug Liman decided that the script was no good and a new one had to be made.

Christopher McQuarrie arrived to save the day and took over the script, adding a layer of humor to the story. The weak point was the end of the story. They failed to write a satisfactory ending and Liman decided to start filming without knowing how the film would end.. A suicidal decision? Probably, but they had to get on with the project.

“Tom Cruise came in with his writers and said he wanted to land a helicopter in Trafalgar Square”

The shooting was no less problematic. After the first day of recording, Liman decided that they had to re-record it all over again. On the other hand, filming on the beach was going to last two weeks and ended up extending three months. Add to this the Tom Cruise factor. The actor likes risk – this does not catch anyone off guard – and for this film he wanted to land a helicopter in the middle of London.

No one gave a penny for this sci-fi movie but it’s almost two hours of top-notch action

In a meeting at San Diego Comic Con, the location manager for at the edge of tomorrow, Georgette Turnerrevealed the challenge proposed by the protagonist 9 months after starting pre-production, which he defined as the most difficult location of his career. Tom Cruise came up with his writers and said he wanted to land a helicopter in Trafalgar Square,” Turner says.

This required closing 36 highways, divert 122 bus lines and reserve all the rooms in all the hotels in the area. Plus, it meant three helicopters had to land: one for the scene, one for the camera, and one to bring Cruise to the set. They had to rent a local cricket ground for them to land on, promising they would not tear down the ground’s historic wicket. But “sometimes things go wrong with helicopters” and the wicket paid for it. “It was an expensive replacement,” Turner says.

A high-level effort to make the apocalypse of at the edge of tomorrow will come to life The film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is a very entertaining science fiction proposal that is worth recovering. You can enjoy it tonight at 10:30 p.m. on La Sexta. Also on HBO Max.

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