To make your mobile easier, here’s how to clear WhatsApp without deleting a chat.

BENGKULUEKSPRESS.COM – Chat apps like WhatsApp take up a lot of memory space. What’s more, WhatsApp can store a large number of WhatsApp groups, and the accumulation of a large number of chat content makes the mobile phone even heavier.

WhatsApp message or chat content that continues to accumulate and is never deleted increases WhatsApp data storage and occupies the mobile phone’s (HP) internal memory, which can then fill up the HP memory.

WhatsApp explains that if the device’s capacity is low, this application may not be able to work properly.

Therefore, the application will also immediately ask the user to free up some memory so that he can continue to use WhatsApp.

A solution to prevent the mobile phone memory from filling up quickly, users can delete WhatsApp chats to make it easier when using the mobile phone. However, there are times when WhatsApp chats seem important, such as containing certain memories, so deleting them is reluctant and shameful.

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If you want to clear your WhatsApp storage but don’t want to delete chats, there are solutions you can do. Users can clear WhatsApp storage without deleting chats, so they won’t regret that chats containing memories are not lost.

You can do it like this: delete media files such as photos, images, videos or documents stored only in WhatsApp. What’s more, media files are arguably the largest data-filling WhatsApp storage.

By deleting media sent in chats, be it individual or group chats, users can clear the WhatsApp storage.

This is an effective solution or method for users who don’t want to delete WhatsApp chats they think are important.

Because? Here’s how to clean up WhatsApp to make it easier without deleting chats.

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How to clean whatsapp without deleting chats

1. Sign in to the WhatsApp app.

2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner > Settings.

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