To get rid of the towering trapezius muscles … Exercise 3 to create a right angle of the shoulders

Recently, “rectangular shoulders” have become popular among young people. As proof of this, it’s easy to find content that shows you how to do a right angle shoulder on a variety of platforms. However, modern people who use computers or smartphones for a long period of time tend to have “round shoulders” rather than rectangular ones. In addition, if the trapezius muscle is elevated, the shoulder appears narrower, and if the shoulder is straight, further.

trapezius |  Source: Getty Image Banktrapezius | Source: Getty Image Bank

trapezius muscles, why do they stand high?

The trapezius muscle is a large triangular muscle that extends from the neck to the shoulder and thoracic spine. It is involved in various movements around the shoulder blade and plays a role in stabilizing the neck and shoulders. The trapezius muscle is largely divided into upper, middle, and lower parts, and the muscle that rises next to the neck, which we see from the front, is the upper trapezius. In other words, the main culprit in making the neck appear short and the shoulders narrow is the “top of the trapezium.”

Why do the upper trapezius muscles increase, which many consider a headache? The main reason is bad posture. In particular, when using a computer or smartphone, many people experience a posture in which the shoulders are pushed forward, with prolonged retention of this posture, tension in the upper trapezius muscles increases and shortens. And this leads to the fact that the trapezius muscles are easily twisted and overdeveloped.

Even if you train in the wrong position, it gets bigger. When doing upper body exercises such as the shoulders or chest, if the posture is incorrect or the trapezius muscle is involved due to improper effort, the trapezius muscle may become enlarged. In particular, lifting dumbbells excessively high during shoulder exercises or weak core strength during squats will most likely involve the trapezius muscles. Due to the nature of muscles that get stronger the more you use them, the trapezius muscles have no choice but to develop.

If the trapezius muscles are developed and connected, there are aesthetic problems, but there is also a risk of shoulder pain and headaches that interfere with daily life. Therefore, if the trapezius muscle is jointed, it should be constantly monitored through proper exercises and improved lifestyle.

How to make a straight shoulder line
To create even, square shoulders, you must maintain a straight posture. When using digital devices, place them at eye level and be careful not to stretch your neck too much. In particular, there are many people who lie down and stare at their smartphones, but this puts a strain on the trapezius muscles, as well as the muscles of the back, neck, shoulders, and arms, so this should be avoided.

It’s good to stretch regularly. The trapezius muscle is one of the most tightly connected muscles in our body, so it is helpful to relax it with stretching. In addition, if the shoulders or back are bent, the tension in the trapezius muscles increases, so if you stretch to straighten them, the icing on the cake.

upper trapezoid stretch

Upper Trapeze Stretch|Source: Getty Image BankUpper Trapeze Stretch|Source: Getty Image Bank

① Sit with a straight back and raise the crown of your head towards the sky.
② Lifting one shoulder, tilt your neck in the opposite direction.
③ Gently press the head with the hand on the side where the neck is tilted.
④ Extend the arm on the opposite side of the tilted head down, exhale and lower the raised shoulder.
⑤ Maintain the posture for 15 seconds and move in the same direction in the opposite direction.

Pull the towel over your head

Pull the towel over your head|Source: Getty Image BankPull the towel over your head|Source: Getty Image Bank

① Hold the towel with both hands and raise both hands above your head. At this time, be careful not to lift the trapezius muscles together.
② Grab both ends of the towel and slide it behind your back while maintaining tension.
③ Hold for about 10 seconds and slowly raise both hands again.

back stretch

Back Stretch|Source: Getty Image BankBack Stretch|Source: Getty Image Bank

① Place the foam roller behind your back and lift your hips.
② Keep your stomach tight and move it up and down.
③ After placing the foam roller on your upper back, slowly tilt your back backwards.

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