To Chelsea or stay in Barcelona? Dembelé reveals in France the final decision on his future


June 30 Ousmane Dembele is left without a contract FC Barcelona and many wonder what will happen to French.

A new chapter has arrived on this subject and it is that Dembele revealed some details about his final decision in France.

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Joan Laporta, president of the Barcelona, had just reported that the player had not accepted the renewal offer. “He had a proposal from us for a long time, but it is clear that he has not accepted it because we have not heard from his agent for a long time,” Laporta said.

Everything seemed to indicate that Dembele was going to get out of Barcelonabut there was an unexpected twist.

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The footballer was recorded in France answering questions about his future. The end was in his car and a person threw the big question at him. “Do you stay in the Barca?”. The player answers “yes”.

But beware, the thing does not end here. And it is that he was also consulted about the offer from Chelsea in England and Dembele He had no problem replying, “I’m fine. Barcelona”.

The FC Barcelona He has made several proposals to Dembelé to renew, with a fixed and reduced salary, but with different variables linked to his performance on the pitch. At the moment, Barcelona has still not received a response on the proposal.

It is said that the great inconvenience between the Barcelona Y Dembele to reach an agreement goes through the high economic demands of the Gallic player.

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