tips to avoid damaging the cell phone battery

It is estimated that by the end of this year, 5.3 billion mobile phones will end their useful life, according to a study by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Forum (WEEE Forum). Regarding this, how to take care of the cell phone battery so that it lasts longerfor example, is one of the most constant questions from users.

And it is that without a doubt, the autonomy of a smartphone is one of the most important characteristics when purchasing a cell phone, so it is important to take into account that the batteries they come with have a certain number of charge cycles (every time it reaches 100% is a cycle): usually there are between 300 and 500, which last about two years.

Nevertheless, prolonging the useful life of the cell phone battery is a task that can be put into practice and for this the companies Oppo and realme shared a series of recommendations to take care of and maximize the battery of the devices.

Tips to take care of the cell phone battery

1- Charge the cell phone correctly: Do not use the equipment when it is charging and leave the charge level below 20%.

2- Keep the charge between 20% and 80%: It is possible that when reaching the maximum limit of 100% or that it drops below 20%, what happens is that the battery is being forced and the ion cells are affected, which can be reflected in a reduction in autonomy and wear of its useful life.

Some cell phones, for example, have the option of protecting the battery which, depending on the case, limits the maximum charge between 80 and 85% to prolong its useful life. This means that when you put your smartphone to charge, the process will stop automatically when it reaches the set limit.

3- Choose the latest generation technologies: What these allow is to obtain a fast charge without overheating and that implement efficient charging components, and guarantee a higher quality and longer battery life.

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4- Prevent the battery from heating up: High temperatures affect the performance of the device, causing greater demand for processing, which considerably reduces the level of load on the equipment. It is recommended to keep the cell phone in a place without direct exposure to heat sources.

In addition, it is recommended to charge the device without a case or protector so that the device remains at stable temperature levels, avoid the use of cables with false contact, run applications in the background while the device is charging and disable functions such as Bluetooth and the WiFi if the mobile device presents a strong rise in temperature.

5- Use high quality chargers: These types of accessories are made with unsuitable materials that put the safety of the smartphone at risk, so it is advisable to use original cables and chargers from the device manufacturer, this will avoid overheating and stress to the battery due to irregular amperages that decrease its useful life. .

6- Try to keep the device from turning off: mobile devices are programmed to alert when the battery charge is reaching its lowest levels. It is recommended not to let it go below 15% or let the device discharge and turn off. If this happens, the device’s battery may be being strained, leading to faster wear.

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