Tips for sending larger files by email

What to do to send large files by email

Surely on some occasion you have tried to send a file by mail and you got a message that it’s too big. For example a video, a folder with photos, etc. That makes you have to look for alternatives. There are several to be able to send larger files by email.

Split the files

One of the tricks to send large files by e-mail is split a document large into several smaller ones. If, for example, you need to send a video that takes up 100 MB, you can divide it into 4 or 5 that take up 20-25 MB and thus be able to send it without problems via email. Of course, instead of sending a single e-mail you will have to send 4 or 5, logically.

For this you can use applications like 7-ZIP. It is very easy to use and has the function of dividing a file into several parts. When it arrives at the recipient, you will simply have to put all those parts together and voila. You will have that big file available and you will have received it all by email.

Put it in multiple folders

A similar trick, although with differences, is to put several different folders. If, for example, you need to send a folder with photos and it takes up a lot of space, you won’t be able to put them all in a ZIP file and send it by email, since that would exceed the limit allowed by the email provider.

What you are going to do is simply create several folders, several ZIP files, where you can put those photographs. Each of these files will occupy a maximum of 25 MB and you can send them by mail. Once again, you will have to send more than one email for all the content to arrive.

Use cloud platforms

You can also use cloud platforms like google drive. What you basically do is host the largest files there and generate a link that you are going to put in the email and send it. In this case, you will be limited to the size that this cloud service allows, which is usually quite high, so you will not have major problems.

The positive thing is that this file will remain in your cloud account until you delete it. Therefore, the person to whom you send that email will be able to download it at any time. You can even send it to more than one user, since you only have to share the link by email.

What stops the use of the cloud

Pages to upload files

An alternative to cloud platforms like Google Drive is to use pages that allow you to host content. Of course, normally these pages have more limitations in terms of size and the files are also usually available for a certain time until they are deleted and are no longer available.

You can use pages like WeTransfer, which allows you to upload files up to 2 GB. Later you will only have to copy the link that you generate and send it by e-mail. Keep in mind the maximum time that will be available, although for something punctual it is normal that you do not need more than a few hours.

All in all, here are some tricks you can use if you need to send larger files via email. You will be able to send documents that occupy more than 25 MB without problems.

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