Timeline of men pursued by Paspampre officers until a body was found in the river


A man from Aceh, Imam Masikur (25), was allegedly killed by a Paspampres Praka RM member and two other TNI soldiers. The victim was kidnapped by a perpetrator in South Tangerang until his body was found in a river in Karawang, West Java. Here is the chronology.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

The victim was brought from Tangsel

Pomdam (Danpomdam) Commander Jaya IMC Colonel Irsyad Hamdi Bey Anwar said that Praka R.M., Praka H.S., who were members of the Indonesian Army Topographic Directorate, and Praka J. of the Iskandar Muda Regional Military Command, initially brought the victims from South Tangerang.

Yrsiad said that when they kidnapped the victim and abused her, all three pretended to be policemen. He said that HS, RM and J pretended to catch the victim on the basis that she was selling illegal drugs.

“The perpetrator introduced himself as a police officer who arrested the victim because she was suspected of dealing illegal drugs (tramadol, etc.),” Irsiad reported on Monday (08/28/2023).

The victim was brought from a store in South Tangerang (Tangsel) on Saturday (December 8). The perpetrator took the victim under the pretext of arrest.

“After the arrest, they took and extorted money,” he said.

Actors extort money from the victim’s family

Three TNI members who claim to be police officers are suspected of blackmailing Imam Masykur on the grounds that he will not be prosecuted for the alleged sale of illegal drugs. The three perpetrators then demanded 50 million rupees from the victim’s family.

The criminals allegedly contacted the family of Imam Masykur and asked for a ransom. It is assumed that the violence was committed in order to obtain money. The victim later died as a result of torture.

“During the torture, perhaps the torture was cruel, in the end he died,” he said.

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