Timeline of a 27-year-old man with kidney failure who initially underestimated this symptom


This is really a setback for Graham Murray. A man from England never thought that at a relatively young age he would suffer from kidney failure and would have to undergo regular dialysis.

In fact, Murray has been feeling symptoms for a long time. As quoted by Express UK, Murray admitted that he often has headaches.

But at the time, Murray mistook it for a common headache that many people experience, so he ignored it. Shortly thereafter, Murray developed other symptoms such as ankle swelling, shortness of breath, and difficulty moving.

Again, Murray thought his condition was just a mild illness and chose to ignore it. Because of this, he was very surprised when he heard from the doctor the diagnosis of kidney failure.

“I put off going to the doctor because I thought it would pass. When they told me how serious my condition was, it was a big shock,” he said. UK ExpressThursday (03/08/2023).

Then Murray’s life became chaotic and full of restrictions. In addition to regular blood dialysis, he now has to rely on a tube placed in his stomach to survive.

In 2021, Murray finally received a donor kidney from his own mother. Despite this, until now he still has to depend on immunosuppressive drugs so that the transplanted kidney can remain healthy and function normally.

Murray now works as a manager in a company in England. Together with several of his colleagues, Murray is taking a number of actions in support of Kidney Research UK, a charity dedicated to the prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

“Kidney Research did a lot of drug research, I know a lot of what they did, so I really wanted to get involved,” Murray said.

Along with eight of his colleagues, Murray took the 28-kilometer walk to raise money for kidney research in the UK.

“Kidney Research UK has been very involved in all my concerns, so being able to raise so much money for them makes this outing worth it.”

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