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An history about TikTok has been going viral not only on this network, but on the rest of the social networks, where a mechanic USA tells the reason why he quit his first day of work for a peculiar order that he gave him that quickly outraged him. What is it about? In this note we will tell you the story that is drawing the attention of several people, as well as other information that you should know about the subject.


The story stars a mechanic named Jonathanwho currently owns his own auto refinishing and restoration business in Washington, USA; but it was not always like that, a few years ago, when he did not have his own company, he got a job in a workshop that he decided to quit the first day because of what his boss had asked him to do.

Jonathanthe mechanic, begins by telling in the story of TikTok that, in the interview, while chatting with his future boss, he told him that the job was to be an assistant manager, so he would also have to manage the workshop and sell the local products.

However, there was a request from his boss that stunned him and outraged him so much that he did not return the next day.

“The first customer came in and the business owner told me: ‘Take care of this person and diagnose his car,’ he recounted in his video.

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At first the young man was surprised because it was not the task they had agreed to when he was hired, however, after this, the boss argued that it was to “see the skills he had” so he Jonathan proceeded with the request.

“The vehicle had an error code in the mass/air flow sensor,” he explained and assured that this could be because the device had been disconnected due to recent maintenance. So putting it back would solve the problem.

“I told my boss, ‘I’m going to do a couple of checks on the airflow sensor. Then I’ll plug it back in and it’s probably fine.’ He demanded: ‘Sell him a new sensor,’ he commented indignantly. Jonathan.

Jonathan He decided to tell the client the truth, he told him what was happening with his car and what the owner of the workshop wanted.

“This shop owner wants me to sell you a new mass air flow sensor anyway. So this is what I recommend you do. Here are your keys. He grabbed his car, go and don’t come back because this guy is a scoundrel and I’m not going to work for him anymore when I finish this talk,’” he stated.

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After this Jonathan he resigned having a strong conflict with his boss who did not accept the pay for the work he had done and told him.

“You’re going to need that money more than I do because you’re going to go bankrupt,” he concluded.

This is the video of TikTok who went viral on social media about why he resigned on his first day of work.

@dirty2dreamyllc #answer to @tiktok_qna I couldn’t believe what this owner actually asked me to do. It was a no from me and I left 4 hours after I started #smallbusiness #autodetailing #cardetailing #detailers ♬ original sound – Dirty2DreamyLLC


As is known so far, TikTok is a social network of Chinese origin for sharing short videos in vertical format. The platform is used to record a variety of situations, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, etc., which can even be as long as 1 second, up to 10 minutes. Short videos don’t have a set timeframe to play, so when they’re done they start over again in an infinite loop.

TikTok It has been downloaded more than 130 million times in the United States and has reached 2 billion downloads worldwide, mobile research firm Sensor Tower revealed, excluding Android users in China.

In the United States, many celebrities, including Jimmy Fallon and Tony Hawk, started using the app in 2018; other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Will Smith and Justin Bieber also joined TikTok.

Among the most interesting data of this social network is that worldwide, 44% of users of TikTok are women, while 56% are men. Based on demographics, 43% of new users are from India. On the other hand, among these users of TikTok90% say they use the app on a daily basis.

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