Tigres could beat América one of its possible reinforcements for the Clausura 2023

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The America club since he was out of Opening 2022 He took the initiative to restructure his squad, so by analyzing various options he would be making his adjustments even without coming to light. However, the rumor spread that the azulcrema team was close to being able to sign one of the players from the MX League.

Although at first the possible arrival of this footballer was questioned because it was one of the areas in which no reinforcement was needed, a player with his quality was not disliked. However, this Wednesday it was announced that with the arrival of Diego Cocca to the bench of the tigers it was expected to steal that signing from them.

Which player could take Tigres?

According to the medium warrior modeit was revealed that the royals are in search of Fernando Gorriaran, the midfielder could arrive as a reinforcement for the Clausura 2023, leaving aside the possibility of being in the cream-blue team. And although there was talk of a complete line in that area of ​​the field, taking into account that there could be exits, his arrival was not so far-fetched.

Still, in an interview earlier, Santiago Banos He mentioned that he was not interested in hiring him for now, for this reason is that after having been on the radar of Coapaor at least in the rumors, they were able to make the northern team take more interest in him to the point of being close to making it happen.

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