Three exercises to work muscle strength

The muscular strength It is an important part for the well-being of our body, in addition to being essential for our daily life. That is why it is so important to work muscle strength through specific exercises.

By improving muscle strength we can gain confidence in ourselves, since thanks to stronger muscles we can improve balance, keep a healthy weight and improve range of motion. This type of exercise can also contribute to relieve mild depression And help maintain good levels of sugar and cholesterol in blood, as explained by the medical experts at WebMD.

The estrength training focuses on the muscle workBut it also helps your bones get stronger, which can help us avoid injury as well as reduce joint pain.

To perform strength exercises we will need some type of endurance, to help us work our muscles. Free weights, resistance machines, or resistance bands may work. But the good news is that we can also use our own body to start introducing these routines into our daily physical activity.

Next, we explain three exercises to work muscle strength What can we do at home.


The squats They can be done only with our body and help us to exercise the buttocks, hips and thighs. In this case, we suggest you do this exercise with a chair.

To do this, you have to face the chair with your back towards it and your feet apart a little more than shoulder width apart. Next, lower yourself to a position where you are almost sitting, while bearing the weight on your heels. Lean forward slightly from the waist. Count to four as you go down, pause and get up slowly. Repeat the exercise eight to ten times for one set.

Push-ups on the wall

The push-ups they exercise the chest, arms and shoulders. The most traditional ones are done stretched out on the floor, but we propose an ideal version to get started in this type of exercise, which you can do on the Wall.

To do this, you have to stand an arm’s length from the wall. Rest your palms on it, separated to the width of the shoulders and at that height. Next, slowly push your chest toward the wall, flexing your arms while keeping your back straight. Count to four and push to return to the starting position.


This type of exercise reinforces the central area and lower back. It is quite similar to the traditional push-up that is done on the floor, but instead of going up and down, what you do is hold the plank position for a while, thereby working on the strength of the muscles.

To do this exercise, stretch on your stomach, resting your forearms on the floor. Bend your feet and use your toes to help lift your legs. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and lift your body in a plank. Hold the position for as long as you can, breathing all the time.

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