Three Cubans sentenced for asking for the resignation of Díaz-Canel

In Cuba, a video calling for the resignation of Miguel Díaz-Canel may be reason enough to be convicted, according to the ruling three young people in Sancti Spiritus.

the activist Nestor Estevez qualified as “circus” the trial of last December 27, 2021 and whose sentence was known this Tuesday. None of those convicted participated in the peaceful protests on July 11..

“They are accused in a case that began on July 11 after a Facebook direct from the house of Leodan Perez Colon where he asked Díaz-Canel for his resignation so that the country could move forward“.

Official television broadcast a fragment of Pérez’s direct interview with his friends when Díaz-Canel called on national television for violence between Cubans. “This is a singao, it says that the Revolution, delivers all this dick to see if we prosper”, He said.

Leodan Perez Colon was sentenced to five years imprisonment, Yoanderley Quesada two years of deprivation of liberty and Yoel Castillo at one year and eight months deprivation of liberty, Estevez reported on Facebook.

“After that direct, on July 16, G2 agents arrived at Leodán’s house –located on Independencia street between Tirso Marín and Frank País– to arrest him and those present. All accused of organizing, according to the G2, a new protest scheduled for July 26 in Sancti Spíritus“.

According to Estévez, these details “came to light in the trial where some of those involved had an improper conduct trying to implicate their friends to save themselves. From a group of prisoners undetermined to date for the narrated events only three citizens will go to prison“.

Leodan Perez recorded the moment of arrest. “Sharing with a group of friends and they embass us in the house. They invade us here in the house, gentleman. Look, the whole pile of brazen these. Sharing here calmly and everyone slipped in,” he said.

An agent said that “now it’s the guapería, but then the regrets come when come the sanctions for terrorism”. Pérez replied “terrorism? If I haven’t bombed anyone. You don’t have to get involved. I go and get into your house?

“When this harsh and unfair news reaches him after six months and two days in jail for two direct calls from his own phone, which he paid out of his own pocket, it will be the saddest day of all lived in a prison where nobody is reeducated, where only minds are mistreated by anguish, disorder and pressure,” said Elizabeth Colón Peña, mother of Leodán.

”For his misfortune and for those who really love him, the news is harsh but worse and unfair to confirm the same five years that they asked for with deprivation of liberty. Sad story for a young man who recently turned 22 in there and for a mother who cries, suffers and screams for the release of her only son, who has not killed, nor raped, nor has committed lewd abuse, nor discriminates. He is a sociable young man, kind and loved by many. For him I ask for freedom,” he added.

In Sancti Spiritus, of the 42 arrested as a result of the protests last summer, only one went out to protest, Luis Mario Niedas Hernández. Alexander Fábregas was taken from his home and put on trial nine days later. Today, after learning of the ruling, the number of prisoners rises to five.”

“To date Yoanderley Quesada and Yoel were at home awaiting sentencing. Yoel is the only case that has not been documented to date and consequently his name does not appear on the official lists of political prisoners in Cuba,” Estévez added.

In #Cuba, a video asking for the resignation of #MiguelDiazCanel may be reason enough to be convicted, according to the sentence of three young people in #SanctiSpiritus. Official television broadcast a fragment of Leodán Pérez Colón’s live broadcast with his friends when Díaz-Canel called on national television for violence between #Cubans. “This is a s…, it says that the Revolution, delivers all this to see if we prosper,” Pérez told Díaz-Canel. READ MORE in #DiarioDeCuba

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