Those who eat tomatoes for breakfast, beware! It destroys your health step by step!

The oxalic acid found in raw tomatoes can cause kidney stones in some people and adversely affect kidney function. In addition, raw tomato skins can cause digestive discomfort and cause problems, especially for people with sensitive digestive systems.

However, these negative effects of tomatoes usually appear when consumed in very large quantities. In a healthy diet, it will be useful to use tomatoes in a balanced way and in various dishes, including raw. Also, it is important that people with kidney stones or similar conditions check their tomato intake by consulting their doctor. By consuming tomatoes correctly and mindfully, you can reap the nutritional and health benefits they provide.

Tomato is a vegetable known for its nutritional properties and health benefits. However, there are some points that should be taken with caution in its consumption. Experts warn that tomatoes, especially eaten on an empty stomach and raw, can cause some health problems.

You need to be careful, as the natural sugar found in tomatoes can negatively affect the blood sugar of diabetics. In addition, excessive consumption of tomatoes can cause digestive problems and cause a burning sensation, especially in people with hypersensitivity to stomach acid.

For a healthy diet, it is important to eat foods like tomatoes in a balanced and mindful way. If you experience stomach discomfort after eating tomatoes, you can try to relax by cutting down on your consumption or cooking them with a variety of cooking methods. Since each person’s body structure is different, it is helpful to consult with a specialist health consultant to determine the most appropriate intake amount for you. Along with healthy eating habits, you can enjoy eating tomatoes and benefit from their health benefits.

Harm of tomatoes:

Causes joint pain

Excessive consumption of tomatoes leads to the accumulation of the alkaloid solanine, which creates calcium in the joints. This causes pain in the joints, and even the structure of the joints may change.

Negatively affects the kidneys

The oxalate mineral that causes kidney stones is found in large quantities in tomatoes. This indicates that overeating tomatoes causes the formation of kidney stones.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, people with advanced chronic kidney disease should limit their potassium intake, and tomatoes are rich in potassium.

Causes spots on the skin

Excessive consumption of lycopene-rich tomatoes leads to a skin blemish called lycopenoderma. This spot is especially noticeable on the face and back.

It threatens gut health

Those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome experience burning and swelling when they eat too many tomatoes.

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