Those responsible for Primary Care of the municipalities in the southeast of Madrid resign en bloc after the opening of the 24-hour centers


Protest banner in a Madrid Health Center
Protest banner in a Madrid Health CenterJAVIER BARBANCHO

The resignations continue to accumulate in the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid in full reopening of health centers 24 hours as a model to reopen Primary Care out-of-hospital emergencies. The last one this Friday when the Primary Care Assistance Directorate of the Southeast area has presented its block release.

Those responsible for managing the Arganda del Rey, Campo Real, Coslada, Mejorada del Campo, Rivas, Morata de Tajua, San Fernando de Henares, Villarejo de Salvans health centers and the Madrid districts of Moratalaz, Retiro, Puente de Vallecas, Villa de Vallecas and Viclvaro are the ones have submitted their resignation for the emergency plan presented by the Community.

According to sources consulted by EL MUNDO, the current healthcare directors have stated that the new model “was not viable” and given the decision of the Minister of Health to remain in their plan, they have decided to leave their posts.

These new resignations occur in the midst of a crisis between the regional government and health professionals. In fact, the AMYTS union, the majority among doctors, It has proposed a strike for the 24-hour center model, considering that without new personnel they cannot be covered.

in the last months there are several departures that have occurred in the Minister of Health with the departure of the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, to the party’s national leadership; from the manager of Primary Care, Sonia Martínez Machuca, and just yesterday from the deputy manager of Healthcare in Primary Care, Nuria Fernndez de Cano.

Precisely yesterday, the health situation marked the debate in the plenary session of the Assembly. Both the spokeswoman for Ms Madrid, Mónica García, and that of the PSOE, Juan Lobato, affirmed that the new system of out-of-hospital emergencies in Primary Care is “a nonsense”, “a botched job” and “a disaster that is going to break all records”. “. “It is very difficult to do so much damage in such a short time to public health, remarked the leader of the Madrid socialists. He will never understand either the vocation of public service or the commitment of the health workers. His pride does not fit in this Chamber”, Garcia added.

Both interventions had the response of the regional president, Isabel Daz Ayuso, who asserted that the spokeswoman for Ms Madrid “is the only healthcare provider who wants chaos in Public Healthcare”. “You are the only health worker and public servant who takes advantage of your condition to boycott it from within,” remarked the popular leader.

“You resort to Public Health, which they intend to sink because they only know how to sow fear and terror among citizens. They have replaced the PSOE’s electoral headquarters with 24-hour centers,” Ayuso replied to the PSOE before acknowledging that the Health Madrid has “structural problems like all autonomous communities” and of accusing the left of “promoting union and political terror” and “generating political noise”

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