This will be the largest wave power plant in the world, capable of supplying 23,000 homes using the waves

If you do not know what these types of power plants are, now we will tell you everything about them and about the ambitious Turkish project.

This will be the largest wave power plant in the world, capable of supplying 23,000 homes using the waves
Image of a wave power station in Gibraltar. Eco Wave Power

We live in one era of constant energy concern, both for trying not to pollute excessively and avoid a further decline of the planet, and for looking for alternatives that are easy to install and that provide us with as much energy as possible. On a day-to-day basis, we have already told you which are the 5 household appliances that consume the most at home, even if you have no idea where the electricity they use comes from. Now it seems that an untapped energy could be more useful than we thought.

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The project he plans uses the power of the sea to supply Turkey

Recently, thanks to the information published on the website of the company Eco Wave Power Global, we have learned of the agreement reached by the company in charge of managing the energy of the Turkish town of Ordu with the Swedish company in the release. The future Projectvalued at 150 million dollarsimplies the construction of the largest wave power plant in the worldcapable of producing 77 megawattsin what will be the first plant of its kind in Turkey.

Detailed image of the floats of the wave energy generation system

Detailed image of the floats of the wave energy generation system. Eco Wave Power

In case you have never heard of these types of power plants, they are based on the use of floatslike the ones you can see in the image above, and some pistons. In general terms, without going into too technical details, the floats they move according to waves collide with them and make the pistons compress and decompress. Those movements make a biodegradable fluid is transmitted to the accumulatorsalready on land, which accumulate pressure, making rotate motors and making the electricity is transferred to the network.

In this type of wave power plants, you can take advantage of the waves from 50 centimeters tall to convert its force into electricity. Eco Wave Power Global plants use a management and monitoring system completely automatedwhere the floats will rise if there are adverse weather conditions to avoid greater evils. Inna Bravermanfounder and CEO of the Swedish company, ensures what:

We are very excited to announce this landmark agreement between Eco Wave Power and Ordu Enerji, as this relationship will allow us to source clean electricity from Turkish waves for the first time. With ambitious sustainability goals and physical proximity to our headquarters, Turkey is an exciting location for further implementation and development of our innovative wave energy technology.

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