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With the expansion that operators have made in recent years to offer more and more third-party services, it is relatively normal that there comes a time when you do not know what advantages you have for being a customer of your operator beyond the conditions of your fiber line and /or mobile. Today we are going to talk about Vodafonewho in its commitment to become the “largest aggregator of movies and series”, also offers many multimedia content for free according to rates and conditions of each client.

If you want to know what advantages and gifts Vodafone offers you for being a customeryou have all that personalized information at the reach of a click.

How to know what your gifts are

Vodafone has a hub where each customer can consult the services that can be contracted at a discount and also which Vodafone offers free for a few months or as part of your fee.

Vodafone free subscriptions

To find out about your advantages, you would simply have to go to the website Verify your identity by entering your phone number and click “Continue”. If you are using a WiFi network, you also receive a SMS verification PIN code in the line associated with the subscription, which you have to enter.

Once inside, on the Entertainment page that opens, andGo to “Our offers” and you will be able to see all the promotions at a glancediscounts and free trials offered by Vodafone to its customers.

Another faster and easier option to consult and activate your free Vodafone accounts is to download the My Vodafone app and follow these steps:

Vodafone free content

  1. Go to “My products”
  2. Click on “What do you have contracted”
  3. Go to “TV”
  4. Swipe to the “Free content included” section
  5. Press the “Activate” button on the streaming platform
  6. Verify your identity with your phone number
  7. Enter the code you received by SMS
  8. Go to the section “Our offers”
  9. Select the streaming platform
  10. Accept the conditions and click on “Activate”

Free trial periods at Vodafone

On this page, to find out what Vodafone offers you, you can see, for example, a free subscription to Filmin. If you have contracted the Cinefans TV pack, you can activate and enjoy the service for free. If not, you can always activate Filmin as long as you have at least one mobile line contracted with Vodafone (customers with Fiber/ADSL, without contract mobile rates, do not have this service available).

Another content that can be offered is hbo max, included with the Seriefans Pack (which is free with One Unlimited). You also have Prime Video included with the Vodafone TV Serielovers pack.

Audible, Amazon’s audiobook platform, is also another of the contents offered free on Vodafone for 4 months. In this case, in order to enjoy 4 months free from Audible you just have to be a Vodafone customer with an unlimited rate and activate the service. You will then need to create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one.

As for music, surely you also have to try 3 free months of Tidal or TIDAL HiFi Plus.

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