This was the unusual boxing match between a policeman and an inmate who pays a 14-year sentence

Photo: YouTube video capture v & # xed; a El Nueve Argentina

The fight between Julián ‘el Diamante’ Gómez, a police officer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the inmate Martín ‘el Renacido’ Jara, had generated great expectations as a good versus bad narrative had been generated, however, the purpose of the authorities is to show that promoting sport among prisoners is a good way of reintegrating them into society.

The fight took place on November 27 at the Club Morón in the Argentine capital and was so explosive that it barely lasted two minutes of the first round, as the referee stopped it for a technical knockout.

Since the bell was heard, ‘El Diamante’ Gómez went out to hunt ‘the Reborn’ Jara, who was responding to the attacks. In the first 15 seconds the policeman unleashed a powerful blow with his left that hit his rival’s face and took him to the canvas.

The officer is 29 years old, and this was his fifth fight, four years have passed since his last fight and his record shows three victories by knockout. On the other hand, Martín Jara is 33 years old, has been in prison for 10 years and has only four years left to pay a sentence of 14 for robbery. In the past, he had only been in the ring three times, twice in 2015 and once in 2016, with a mark of two wins and a draw.

Jara quickly got to his feet, but when the fight resumed ‘the Diamond’ went out to hunt him down and kept him cornered for several seconds with tremendous punches that directly hit his rival, who looked puzzled.

For the fight, ‘the Revenant’ had almost 90 days of physical preparation, as he was transferred from a prison to a place called Unit Number 48 of San Martín where the Rugby team Los Espartanos trains. In order for the fight to be authorized, the approval of Claudio Brun, Penal Execution Judge Number 1, was needed; Alberto García, chief of the Buenos Aires Police; Julio Alak, Minister of Justice and Human Rights; and Claudia Rodríguez, director of Sports and Culture.

When the clock read 1:15, Julián Gómez threw himself with everything he had against the inmate connected with forceful blows and when he already had him against the ropes he threw a combination of right, left, right in the face that ended up striking him down. , then the referee intervened and stopped the match.

However, the police officer approached his rival and shouted a few words at him, so the referee had to push him away; then he shouted before the cameras: “Long live the force, long live the police, long live the good people!”

After they treated Jara, ‘el Diamante’ Gómez approached his rival, they exchanged words and finally carried him and gave each other a cordial hug.

When he was interviewed in the ring, the officer commented on what happened when he knocked out his rival: “It was the moment of fever that had made me a gesture that I did not like. I am a gentleman and I apologize, he also apologized for the gesture. I had had a gesture that I did not like. I come from a little problem ”.


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