This was the infidelity scandal that shook the marriage of a Cruz Azul star

Juan Escobar and Romulo Otero of Cruz Azul
Juan Escobar and Romulo Otero of Cruz Azul

Rumors of infidelity reached Cruz Azul with two of its players.

Within the world of football, scandals are usually the order of the day, whether they are affairs with models, celebrities or infidelity controversies. The latter was the case of a star of Blue Cross who was involved in a love triangle with another of his teammates.

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The protagonists of this story are none other than John Escobar and the Venezuelan Romulo Otero. It all started on social networks where some accounts dedicated to the famous ball began to spread rumors about the alleged infidelity of Escobar’s wife with Otero.

The controversy took a different turn when the side of Blue Cross deleted all posts with his wife from his profile. In addition, the memes on platforms such as Twitter were not long in coming, but when Juan Escobar’s silence grew stronger, he decided to break the silence.

What Juan Escobar said about the rumors

Juan Escobar’s message on Instagram

Through his official Instagram account, the Paraguayan shared an image with a message assuring that everything had been a hack of his account and denied that something “familiar” was affecting him. In addition, several expert journalists on sports issues such as Adrián Esparza Oteo assured that they were only speculations.

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