This was the debut of Emme Muñiz, the daughter of JLo and Marc Anthony as an actress | VIDEO

Jennifer López and Marc Anthony are synonymous with talent, since both have set a standard in their respective areas of work. But that’s not all, since they also showed that talent is inherited and for this we will remember the day that Emme Muñiz debuted as an actress at age 10, to later appear in a SuperBowl with his mother.

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JLo and the salsa singer got married in 2004, where in addition to experiencing many things they gave life to a pair of twins, Maximilian and Emme, who with the passage of time little by little appear more in magazines and the media, she being the one that has been seen the most, since in 2018 she would have started her acting career and in 2020 she would have participated in the SB halftime show .

Now, at 13, the little girl has a participation in one of the most important events in show business, same that not everyone can attend. But before showing that sweet voice that left everyone in the stadium and the millions who watched it from home with an open mouth, she had already made her debut as an actress.

Your debut

At just 10 years old, to be more precise in 2018, Emme made her acting debut in a music video, which, in effect, was about a song by her mother. The little girl would have participated in the filming of “Limitless”, single that would also become the theme song for “Second Act.”

In the video clip, Emme had to act like her mother but when she was young, that is to say, she appears with the same costumes and at times making her sing the song of the “Diva del Bonx”, where she shows that she is ready to act and continue to grow as an actress.

For now, it only remains to enjoy this video and his great voice in the SB, since with only 13 years he still has a long life to follow in the footsteps of one of his parents, that is, dedicate himself to music or include himself in the field acting. It only remains to wait for the little girl to begin to officially shape her career and with this confirm that the world of entertainment has a new star to follow and enjoy.

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