This Transparent Wallpaper is a real madness

Google Play is full of interesting, absurd or indispensable applications. Today we are not going to leave you with the best App of the year or a TOP of essential applications. Today’s application is completely expendable, but spectacular. If you want to give a unique touch to your smartphone We recommend that you try it. It is an application to put a Seamless wallpaper. Yes, it can be done and it is completely spectacular.

This background uses the camera to be transparent

Surely you have ever seen transparent mobiles in films or renders. It may exist shortly, but not right now. What does exist is an application that includes a seamless wallpaper in real time thanks to the use of the camera. Before downloading the app, we did not think that the result would be so good.

The reality is that the app asks you for camera permissions and you simply have to select the ‘Transparent’ wallpaper. When you do what is the wallpaper becomes a time recording real of the rear camera. The result? You smartphone seems transparent and the icons seem to float.

It really seems absurd, but it is very curious to try it and see the sensation with your own eyes. It works perfectly and the icons seem to float on the screen. Of course, you will need a moderately powerful smartphone, as a mid / low range could suffer in performance and become slow.

Furthermore, this wallpaper spend a lot. We have not tested it for several hours, but it is possible that its use is not interesting because of its energy consumption. Even so, it is something very interesting that we recommend you try, because the app weighs little and is completely free.

The bottom of transparent screen exists and you can already try it in the simplest way possible! How about? Did you know him?

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