This long-awaited feature finally arrives on Twitter, although you’re not going to like it

Despite the enormous utility when it comes to being informed that the social network of the little blue bird, the truth is that it is not always used in the best ways and the most appropriate content is not always published. Hence precisely the controversy that on many occasions we find in many of the accounts registered here. With everything and with it, its top managers over time have been adding new functions for the millions of users of the platform.

The aim is to improve the social network user experience while gaining new followers. Well, we are telling you all this because a new function has just arrived on the social network that has been requested for a long time, although in the end it will not end up convincing everyone. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of being able to edit the entries or tweets that we have recently published.

Even though the editing twitter user posts It was a long-awaited feature, now it’s here, but with certain limitations. Precisely because of the same is why many will not like the novelty.

Limitations for using tweet editing on Twitter

It is true that from now on we will have the possibility of edit the tweets that we have already published in Twitter, but not in all cases or forever. This is mainly due to the restrictions that those responsible for the social network have implemented in this functionality. We have known for a long time that Twitter works in a edit button so that users can modify their tweets once published.

However, it seems that the social network is not willing to give us all the time in the world to make these editions that we are commenting on. We say this because we will be able to make these changes to posts, but only for the next 30 minutes after its publication. Thus, when we put a new tweet on the microblogging portal, it will notify us by displaying a warning text. It informs us that the tweet has been sent and that we can edit it for the next 30 minutes.

Therefore, we must bear in mind that if we try to avoid this content after the time we mentioned has elapsed, the platform will notify us that it is no longer possible. But at the same time that is not the only limitation that we are going to find here. And it is planned that the Edit button will be an exclusive function for the Twitter Blue subscribers. As many of you already know, this is the paid version of the social network. What is currently unknown is whether this editing functionality will be available to other users in the future.

It is worth mentioning that Twitter Blue subscribers also enjoy additional features such as an experience no adsfavorites folders, reader mode and more.

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