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Javier Ruiz, the winner of Little Giants

Originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Javiercito was the youngest child who was part of this first edition of the renowned talent show, which also introduced us to other talented children such as Magaby Garay, Hiroshi Arikado, Grecia Sánchez and more.

Despite his young age, Javier was crowned the captain of ‘Los Irresistibles’, a team that won the grand finale of the show.

In addition to being the winner of this first season, Javier is remembered by many fans for the funny interpretations of ‘Teresa’ that he did together with Montse, the little girl better known as ‘Telesa’.

Thanks to these acting segments on the show, Javier had his first contact with renowned actors from the small screen such as Angelique Boyer.

What did Javier Ruiz do after Little Giants?

At the end of Little Giants, Javier Ruiz continued adding participations on television.

Javier also tried his luck as an actor and participated in a couple of one-off shows like ‘Como dice el dicho’, as well as series.

In 2016, he gave life to Gabriel Aguilera Valadez in the series inspired by the life of Juan Gabriel ‘Until I met you’. In addition, he shared the screen with Ana Brenda Contreras and Joaquín Cosío in ‘Blue Demon’.

His charisma and comfort in front of the camera also allowed him to be on shows like Sabado Gigante, where he shared the screen with Don Francisco.

In his childhood, Javiercito also had the opportunity to coincide with other drivers and celebrities such as Andrea Legarreta, whom he has a special affection for.

After a break of almost a year of not posting anything on his Instagram, Javier returned to Instagram in October 2020 with a photo showing how much he has grown, including his hair.

Nine months after this photo, Javier once again shocked his thousands of fans with a photo of his new look, where it is already clear that childhood was left behind and now he enjoys his adolescence.

In this particular photo, many of his followers agreed that Javier is handsome. “How big and handsome you got”, “you are still very gallant”, “What a handsome young man since he was a child” are some of the comments he received in this post.

Currently, the young man has developed mainly in the world of video games.

Under the user JaviBeluga, Javier shares videos of his streaming games of video games like GTA (Grand Theft Auto), as well as TikToks of his life as a ‘gamer’.

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