This is what Génesis, the youngest daughter of Puma Rodríguez, looked like in her childhood

Seven projects for the small screen and seven for the cinema are the ones that the daughter of “Puma” Rodriguez has to her credit: Genesis. The 35-year-old is the one who has the best relationship with her father, much closer to her, compared to Lilibet and LiLiana, with whom the singer cooled his relationship several years ago.

Génesis Rodríguez was born as the fruit of the love that his parents have had for each other since the late 1980s. It was in 1996 when the singer married the Cuban model and at that time the little girl was nine years old. In some interviews, Jose Luis He has said that it was partly because of his daughter that they made the decision to marry, since she wanted to see them walk the aisle.

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The daughter of the music producer has extensive experience at 35 years old. She is currently part of the cast of “The Umbrella Academy” as Sloane Hargreeves. But, without a doubt, one of the telenovelas most remembered by her fans, since it was the one that catapulted her the most to fame, was “Miss Barbara”. In said production broadcast in 2008 by Telemundo, the actress played Marisela Barquero or “Barbarita” Guaimarán (as the fictional story progressed).

Carolina Pérez, Puma Rodríguez and Génesis. Source: Instagram @genirodirguez

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Through his Instagram account, where he is followed by more than 406 thousand people, the “Cougar” Rodriguez He usually shares photographs that marked important moments of his past and his family. That is why in the social network of the camera, the singer constantly expresses affection for his daughter with some memories in pictures.

José Luis Rodríguez with his wife and daughter. Source: Instagram @elpumaoficial

In one of the images that circulate on the platform, you can see the model, the singer and the actress of “Prisoner” posing joyfully for the camera. There the talented young woman wore a white dress and you can see how her facial features have not changed at all, since she keeps her contagious smile intact.

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