This is the technical difference between the Stargazer X version and the Stargazer MPV.


Hyundai has launched the Stargazer X, a crossover based on the Stargazer MPV. Technically, Stargazer and Stargazer X may not change much.

The striking difference between the Stargazer and Stargazer X lies in the looks. Hyundai Stargazer X is equipped with a hood and bumper designed to emphasize the masculine appearance. The roof trim and roof spoiler of this car are also designed differently, emphasizing the dynamic and futuristic aspects.

“If we talk about cosmetic changes, they have clearly changed. The bumper, radiator grill, hood, above the wings. And if you go into the salon, then the type in which the skin also has red inserts (stitching), then the dashboard is piano black , said Bonar Pakpahan, PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia Product Expert, during a media session of the Hyundai Stargazer X test drive in Solo, Central Java on Monday (August 28, 2023).

In addition to the appearance, from a technical point of view, there are some changes. One of them is the use of rear disc brakes on the Stargazer X. It is known that the MPV version of the Stargazer still uses rear drum brakes.

The use of this disc rear brake allows the Stargazer X to be equipped with an Electric Parking Brake (EPB) function. Plus there is an auto-hold function.

Hyundai Stargazer X Photo: Rangga Rahadiansyakh/ detikOto

“Well, as far as the suspension is concerned, as far as I understand, there are no changes. Except for the wheels. So if the regular Stargazer rings 16, then the tires are 205/55 R16. Now on this one (Stargazer X), because there are 17 rings, to try and keep the overall diameter as similar as possible – I can’t say the same because it’s impossible to be the same, but as similar as possible – then the profile is reduced from 55 to 50 percent with the same tread width of 205. Now, due to the change of wheels, the ground clearance has increased from 195 mm to 200 mm,” Bonar explained.

With 205/50 R17 tires, kicking becomes a bit more difficult. According to Bonar, this was probably due to the use of smaller profile tires.

“Because the profile of the tire is smaller, usually for tires with a small profile, the wall strength of the profile really becomes heavier than for tires with thicker profiles 60, 65, 70. So maybe if, for example, the impacts are a little stronger, the biggest effect comes from from here, and not from the nature of the suspension, ”said Bonar.

Meanwhile, regarding the engine and transmission, Bonar explained that they are no different from the MPV Stargazer. The power and torque figures are the same: 115 hp. at 6300 rpm and 143.8 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm.

Watch the video “Hyundai Stargazer X will be exhibiting at GIIAS with sale price starting at IDR 325 million.


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