This is the sausage that Sandra Bullock consumes as a strange family tradition

There are inheritances that can be somewhat strange for people outside the different family circles and, without a doubt, Sandra Bullock’s is one of them. The Hollywood star does not hesitate to follow a family tradition that joins this sausage with his Christmas celebration.

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Despite the fact that, by law, it is prohibited to introduce any type of meat to individuals by sea in the United States, Sandra Bullock that seems to matter very little to him, since he keeps bringing German sausages down that road to celebrate Christmas with his family.

Nothing stops Sandra Bullock from fulfilling her family tradition.

For the famous actress, it is part of a family tradition that goes back several generations, eating German sausages during breakfast the day before celebrating Christmas, a tradition that she and her family continue to practice year after year.

Sandra Bullock told some time ago on “The Tonight Show”, that he practices the “smuggling” of German sausages every year before Christmas to keep this family tradition alive, which comes from his childhood in the city of Nuremberg.

In that German city, lived Sandra Bullock with her German mother and her American father, who was stationed in the European country some time before the future actress was born. Since then, her family has fond memories of consuming German sausages on the day before Christmas.

Every Christmas the actress receives a special batch of German sausages.

Ever since her mother died, Sandra Bullock It continues with the tradition but, obviously, not just any sausage is enough for the occasion and the important thing is that they are from Nuremberg. For this reason, the actress keeps “her secret sources of her” from her who provide her with food in anonymity, so that they continue to send it to her every year.

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