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The executive board of the Indonesian Muslim Student Union (PB Semmi) informed Oklin Fia about the ice cream licking incident. What is MUI’s opinion on this report?

“Yes, of course, we also need to support the steps of those who report, because this is part of raising awareness. If there is no such awareness, it can take a long time,” said the Deputy Secretary General for Legal Entities of the MIE. , Ihsan Abdullah, Tuesday (August 29, 2023).

However, the MUI advised the public to double-check social media content before redistributing it. Ihsan then referred to MUI Fatwa No. 24 of 2017 regarding the guidelines for good and wise social media.

“So how about listening or reading or watching this weird content? tabayyoun Earlier, recheck Earlier. If it’s good, useful to other people, you can continue it. share. But if it’s useless, much less harmful, don’t do it. But what about this falsification no,” he explained.

Does not include blasphemy of religion

Ihsan himself believes that the content of Oklin Fia ice cream is not blasphemy. However, Oklin Fia violated issues of social ethics.

“Yes, the Oklin Fia problem, I think it’s more of a social ethics problem or a moral-ethical problem. So it’s not a legal issue, right? It’s normal,” he said.

Ihsan believes that Oklin Fia’s problem is an ethical one. Most importantly, she said, Oaklin Fia realized and regretted her actions.

“So he should be more sorry for what he did and not repeat it,” he said.

Ihsan suggested that Oklin Fia create more useful positive content, which, moreover, does not detract from fame.

“As a young man, he certainly can choose a lot of creative content, of course he can do it, and in doing so he does not reduce his fame if he really wants to go viral, because the virus is not in the negative realm, but in the positive virus clusters,” he said.

According to Ihsan, Oklin Fia’s problem is a moral one. According to him, this can be returned to Oclin Fia’s parents.

“And it’s best for the public to acknowledge that this is not a legal issue, not a blasphemy issue, but a moral issue that can be returned to their parents because they are still young and can still be advised not to repeat themselves and start creating content that is creative and beneficial to society,” he added.


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