This is the new, simplicity dies thanks to widgets

The Google search engine is, without a doubt, the most visited web page in history and, therefore, the most easily recognizable. It helps a lot that it’s so simple, since from the beginning the company avoided the overwhelming design of other search engines in favor of a simple logo with a search box.

[El buscador de Google se redefine en móviles para dar cuatro respuestas cuando preguntas algo]

Over time, Google’s search engine has gained more features, but the home page has more or less remained the same. It is more modern, and there are more buttons to access the different parts of the giant that Google has become; sometimes we even see advertising, as is the case these days with a link to buy the new Pixel Buds Pro.

This is the new

This year may come the biggest change yet to the Google home page. In 9to5Google they have already found users who are already trying out the redesign, and we anticipate that it will be met with a mix of interest and rejection.

And it is that Google has decided to definitively abandon the idea of ​​a simple search engine that only has a search box, by implementing widgets on These cards contain personalized information, and they serve a similar function to the widgets on the Android home screen, although we also find influences from Discover.

The few users selected to test the new feature initially see only one card, which says “Meet the new”, indicating that Google intends to establish this page as its new brand image. This initial card allows us to log in to Google if we do not have it started.

If we choose to log in, we will be shown the possibility of customizing the cards that appear, asking us what are we interested in. Among the available options, we can choose the following widgets:

  • Weather forecast
  • Air quality
  • cryptocurrencies
  • Bag
  • nearby events
  • Searches that are trending
  • Sports
  • What we can see (it seems to show series or movies that are available).

Apart from these cards, which occupy only the lower part, the rest of the page hasn’t changed much, and we can easily ignore them if we just want to do a search. But if we are one of those who have or as the start page of our browser, these cards can be useful to quickly see data that interests us such as the temperature it will be or how our actions are going.

At the moment, only a few users can see these cards, so it is very possible that the final design will be different, or even Google may decide that the change is not worth it before launching it.

Although these cards are clearly useful, Internet veterans will surely notice a sense of irony, since these types of widgets were very popular in search engines and ‘homepages’ years ago, and all were closed or forgotten due to the simplicity they offer. Google offered. All this has happened, and it will happen again.

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