This is the LAST WILL of Carmen Salinas when the day of her DEATH arrives | VIDEO

Great concern has caused the admission to the hospital of Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who last Thursday suffered a stroke and that after being hospitalized, it was reported that she is in eat natural, however, it has been indicated that the actress’s organs are still working, she is breathing, with assistance, but the function cerebral that would allow him to be aware it was the most damaged.

Given this, journalists have tried to talk with relatives from “Carmelite“To know about their evolution as well, as if they already have their departure and his last will, to which your loved ones have already responded. According to the information released, three neurologists attended to Salinas and they pointed out that the stroke provoked irreversible damage “and he will no longer wake up”, despite this the family does not lose faith and is “waiting for a miracle”.

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