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HBO Max is still on the tightrope after announcing numerous cancellations and the removal of movies from its catalog. And although it pains us to say it: the ‘Twilight’ saga will be next on the list. Here we tell you what the deadline will be.

HBO Max stole the world’s attention in recent days and it was not because of the premiere of a movie that has amazed the public, on the contrary, its recent cancellations of titles such as batgirl with Leslie Grace and Brendan Fraser, in addition to the transformation of its streaming business model, it has shown that the Discovery Plus company is not at its best. Now the saga of Twilight It will be the next to pay the piper, since the date on which it will depart from this platform has been confirmed.

If you consider yourself a fan from hell of this saga to the degree that you know by heart all the dialogues of Edward (Robert Pattinson), Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner), then you better mark on your calendar next August 14date on which Twilight New MoonTwilight: Eclipse and the rest of the saga will leave the HBO Max platform forever.

The ‘Twilight’ saga is about to leave HBO Max.

This information was revealed by the same platform, in fact you can check it on your own. You just have to go to HBO Max and on the left side you can display a menu where the “Last days” subcategory will appear. Once you select this option, a legend will appear that says the following: “Last chance to get bitten: this movie is out. You have time until the moon on August 14”.

This is the message that confirms the departure.

If we take this August 6 as a starting point, it means that You only have nine days left to properly watch these movies based on Stephenie Meyer’s novels and revive The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Y The Twilight Saga Dawn Part 2. Now you know: August 14 will be your deadline to see this romantic franchise of vampires and werewolves that marked different generations so much.

And since we got into the subject and As we know that you love knowing all the angles of a story, movies such as: heavy girls, star trek, Catch Me If You Can, Range, violent timeTerminator:Genesis, men in blackamong many other titles. Yes, you will have a weekend full of classics to say goodbye to this platform.

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