This is the anti-aging haircut that suits everyone

We are not going to deny it, if we can opt for an anti-aging makeup or haircut, then welcome. Of course we love birthdays, but it’s also cool to have a fresh and rejuvenated image. That is why today, we bring you a haircut that we could say, which is universally flattering.

Haircuts to start the summer with a new look and with which you will be cool

The haircut that we are referring to and that has an effect antiagingis he cropped pixie or also known as bixie What is it the union between the pixie and the bob. This cut is characterized by being a very short bob, leaving the nape of the neck with hair but quite short, like when we do a pixie and we leave longer strands in the area of ​​​​the bangs and the sides.


Undoubtedly a fresh and rejuvenating cut, which works just as well for 30-year-olds as it does for 60-year-oldsand as a perfect example we have Halle Berry who decided that a few months ago for a bixie.


The interesting thing about this cut is that when playing with the length of a short bob it is ideal for framing the face and defining the features, which makes it incredibly flattering. In addition, it is perfect for those who want a fairly short haircut. but without reaching a garçon that leaves the face completely clear and is more “risky”.


And since it is a haircut that focuses on having more volume in the upper part and the forehead, it looks great if we comb it forward with a casual dot. But if we are looking for a more sophisticated and combed style, we can opt for the use of the dryer to give it a more silky and fluffy look.

Photo | @foreverpixie, @womensecretofficial

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