This is not a chip Arab people?

Editor: Isa Karaarslan

Kemal Kılıç, author of The Kemalist Theologian, spoke on his social media account about two women who were twerking with their heads covered in a supposed entertainment venue and had money spilled on them, and expressed his reaction to the incident.

Kılıç stated that if he criticized the Arabs he would be declared an enemy of Islam and commented on the incident as follows:

“Now when I criticize these Arab brothers, Hopp becomes the ENEMY of ISLAM. Some fanatics think so. Look, here are our brothers … There is a veil on his head, and he is shaking his ass. This is not a chip Arab people? A similar immorality exists among the Turks. But when no one criticizes the Turks, they are not accused of hostility to Islam, and when it comes to the Arabs, why is the incident immediately associated with Islam? Arabic Islam?

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